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Your palm has already squeezed my balls.
But this sweet pain excites me, and I fuck you more and more.
With your second hand, you walked behind the testicles and, feeling a hole in my anus, lightly entered it.

I really liked it and I took your hand and began to help you jerk it off.
Bending down, I started kissing your back and ass.
Hands, I hugged you from the bottom and began to stroke your luxurious breasts.
Fingers I caressed nipples and brown mugs around them.
You excitedly suck my dick, and I ram you to them.
You pull the eggs hard down and have two fingers fucking my ass.
I’m starting to slap your ass, but lightly, which made you happy.
I was excited to the obscene, brought to orgasm to cum in your mouth.
A powerful jet of warm semen flowed endlessly down your throat.

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You swallowed it with rage and greed, afraid to miss every drop.
I shouted “Zaikaaa!”, I convulsed an endless orgasm.
Having finished, I tried to pull a member out of my mouth, but you, squeezing the last drops out of me, continued to suck it.
Finally you let go.
I took it with my hand, ran it over your lips, slapped the head a couple of times on the cheeks.
You weakened lay on the velvet sheet face down.
I got up and walked around you, lay back on you.
My limp cock got between yours, still burning from slaps buttocks.
I began to kiss and stroke your body.
My lips and tongue, alternately with my hands, explored every inch of your back, shoulders, neck, shoulder blades, waist.
You nezhilas under my caresses.
Your head was turned to the side, and with my tongue I reached to your lips with sperm droplets.

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I kissed you gently, whispering your name.
I could feel goosebumps running down your body.
I caressed your wonderful ass and backs of hips.
I turned your back, pulled off a T-shirt.
My eyes looked like a very beautiful woman.
Reaching out to your face, I passionately kissed you passionately.
My hand lay on your chest and began to stroke it.
I gently pulled the nipples and gently squeezed them.
The second hand, hugging you, I caressed the ear and neck.
Now I began to kiss your neck, gradually lowering lower and lower, gradually moving to the chest.
I lowered my hand from the already very excited chest and swollen nipples to the tummy, lightly stroked in a circular motion.
French model sex video.

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