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Restaurant, dance, songs, wishes.
The women in isolation.
A slow dance.

Our team is relaxed, you can drink and eat.
Suddenly from the next table a presentable, representative man comes up to me and stretches out his hand: – Will you allow it? “Of course,” I utter in bewilderment and stand up to meet.
– After all, your name is Christina? We knew each other for a long time.
I then served in the army, at the outpost.
I am Pavel.
– Pasha? – Memories slowly blew up the consciousness that was clouded with alcohol and euphoria.
Part one.
Shopping was the Kris was a bright, slim, incendiary and whimsical girl.
But obedient.
An excellent pupil, an exemplary daughter.
While she was in school, Dad just beat his fist on the table twice.
The first time when she decided to repaint her gorgeous long hair with a straw color from her mother’s side, the second time when she decisively announced that she was going to enroll in the Yaroslavl Higher Military Economic School, where girls were accepted at that time.
The Pope then brought an argument that is not being killed: “They will send you to the outpost, where there are two tanks and three officers.
You want to marry a soldier, find him here. ”
Chris did just that.
Dad is always right.
She fell in love.
Stas was handsome, and her military uniform attracted her.

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Cadet of the military school, the future officer of the border troops.
Dad was shocked, but he got the idea behind him.
They signed, when both remained a year before graduation.
And immediately parted.
The military school assumed the barracks, and Chris remained under the wing of the parents to finish their studies at the university.
Oh, and suffered it in this year.
Printed, free in terms of sex, Chris went into the lead.
The girl who always kept herself for her husband, no, not because her parents kept saying – don’t give it, they just need it, and then to the bushes.
No, she herself wanted for the first time with someone who would be worthy of her, from whom she would want to have children.
Stas was perfect for this.
Chris, as if the female chose a male for reproduction, by scent, by smell and some still incomprehensible laws of the subconscious.
It turned out to be Stas.
She gave him everything.
But a volcano suddenly exploded in it, she raved about sex, and Stas was not around.
For this year, she tasted the taste of adultery, as the last whore on the panel.
All former boyfriends, in whom there was no shortage, whom she had thrown earlier, had been in it.
Just for her pleasure.
Chris realized that she feels during sex, revealed her other side of her body and soul.
But one thought warmed her – it was Stas who allowed her that.
He gave a taste, he showed all the facets of her dark side.
And here they are together.

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is their love so beautiful? What has changed during this year of separation? Chris has become different.
Maybe a little looser.
Or loose? She was never an angel.
But Stas doted on it.
I was ready to wear it on my hands.
About sex and all you can not talk.
“You have become another,” he once whispered in her ear.
“What?” – “Free”, – “It is your merit,” she cooed.
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