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Under the bandage, I could not see the tears, but perhaps they were probably there.
I approached Nadya and, as it seemed to me submissive, she continued with this languid play with me.
But suddenly, instead of lips, she grabbed me with her teeth, by the tip, it hurt, as it seemed to me, but certainly unexpectedly, so I could not refrain from crying.

And Galya, too, started up from him, and maybe she also hurt Vita, who twitched, although she made no sound.
She caressed him, but I would like to see how.
I would like to see her face now.
But the game, the game.
Nadia no longer repeated her strike.
She was not only passionate, but also adept at this journey.
I became immersed in the gardens of Eden.
I forgot who I am and where I am from.
I swam and swam.
And again, Vitya ordered the change of dishes.

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I longed almost from the bliss of her mouth.
I took it again to the mouth of my Gali, so hot after many, many caresses, and maybe slightly moisturized with the juice that flows from a man strongly animated by the passion of a woman.
I entered her easily, as we usually do, and she trembled beneath me.
I wanted to put her on her stomach to hug, stroke her breasts and sugar hips.
She arched her perfect shape clean as fresh snow from the hemisphere towards me, and that was good.
I have already seen somewhere at the end of the top of the pass.
Nadya saddled her spouse and slowly followed the same pass as Galya and I did.
And suddenly I wanted to be her companion and suddenly left my wife, for the sake of another.
The game allowed me to do this.
After all, formally, none of the women knew who was with her now (that is, they probably guessed), but they still didn’t really know.

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And so I made a sign to Vite, and he came out of his wife and entered my house with a groan.
And she moaned in response: Galya was already very hot and close to the final.
Nadia, I found my desired love a feverish, hot and close mountain gorge, she seemed to me, but I became an unbroken stallion, prancing on the mountain slopes.
She huddled hard, and my hands slid over her wet chest.
She squeezed my hips and spurred me several times.
And she fell head in my chest in exhaustion.
My horse lay in the depths of the gorge, startling from the breaking avalanches.
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