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“Good,” Belit sat up in bed, let out a long, blissful moan and ran her hand between her legs.
Then, she brought her fingers closer to her face and thoughtfully began to examine the dull-white, sticky, viscous mucus that covered them.
From the male seed there was a sharp, unusual smell, but quite pleasant, some kind of disturbing.

“Madam, forgive me,” muttered N-Gona.
– Forgive? – she looked at him in surprise.
– For what? – I could not resist and filled you.
It may be dangerous.
– I’ll carry the baby from you? – the intonation with which the question was asked was rather surprised than grieved and concerned.
– Not necessarily, but it is possible.
Belit wiped her fingers on her own thigh.
– It would not be desirable, N-Gona.
Not now, anyway.
– Yes Milady.
Now you need to thoroughly undermine and I will tell Nyagie to prepare a special broth.
Accepting it, you will be saved from pregnancy.
“And without risk I can accept other warriors?” – Yes Milady.
But if you order.
so that you do not think at all, they will not dare to let out their seed into you.
– Never mind.
let in me, – Belit smiled.
– It was nice to feel how your cock flinches inside, and then this hot moisture flows.
I will not give up such feelings.
Don’t even beg.
And yet, I would like to taste the male seed.
I saw how Yun-Li did it and she liked it.
Now go and tell the soldiers that their queen is ready.
I want to take them one by one, every half hour.
“It will not be an easy task, madam,” said N-Gona.
– I can handle.
Let’s start tomorrow, and today, prepare this potion. Hidden sex cam vids.

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