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The granddaughter and grandmother were kissing and licking for a long time.
I decided not to interfere with them and opened the window, lit a cigarette, leaning my back on the windowsill.
Daughter slipped from the table and knelt in front of her grandmother.

Her lips were kissing not the young belly and going down to the smoothly shaved pubis with fleshy, slightly apart lips.
Grandma laid her hands on her granddaughter’s head and allowed her to caress herself.
Ba, lay down on the table, it will be more convenient for us to do so.
– Julia asked.
Mom sat on the table with her trimmed ass and spread her thighs.
Julia, not rising from her knees, turned to her grandmother, and clasping her hips with her hands, began to lick and bite her lips and clitoris.
Daughter often dive tongue in one hole, then another.
Both holes of the grandmother were open to caress granddaughter.
I smoked and went to my mother.
She turned her head in my direction and I put my trunk in her lips.
Mom started sucking on soft flesh and tugging at my testicles with her hand.
Tired, dear.
The girls fucked you, – mother said sympathetically, addressing my penis like a small child.
– My you handsome! What are you delicious.
And you cum just delicious.
– continued mom whisper.
From these words, I began to rise again.
Mom grabbed the scrotum with her palm and squeezed a little.
Excitement subsided.
Mom started sucking my head again.
As soon as the excitement rose, mom wrapped her scrotum around and squeezed.
Excitement did not disappear, but decreased, but the heaviness in the testicles increased.
Nice, aah.
Fuck me
– mom moaned under the caresses of her granddaughter.
I moved and put aside Julia, who was somewhat dissatisfied with this fact, but quickly climbed onto the table and straddled her grandmother’s face, giving her her wet holes.
Mom spread her legs and pulled them to her chest.

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Julia held them, simultaneously caressing the grandmother’s clit with her finger.

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Then she leaned over and began to lick it.
I put the head a little lower and began to enter into the ass.
Not there, ”protested her daughter.
– Grandmother will hurt! But at the same time, Julia herself twitched and turned in the direction of her grandmother.
I guessed that my mother introduced finger ass in Yulia.
Honey, is it hurting you now? – asked grandmother.
“No, not a bit familiar, but not painful,” replied the granddaughter.
Believe me, in a few minutes you will be very pleased.
So do not deprive me of pleasure.
Go on, son.
My ass is hungry for the second baby.
Put it in your mommy.
Pull my ass over your dick.
I want to feel your balls on your ass.
Insert all the way.
Do not be afraid.
– asked mom.
I did not refuse her, and clasping her hips began to introduce the trunk deeper.
Julia leaned over and began to caress her grandmother’s pussy.
Introducing his trunk completely and pressing his pubis against her lips, he stopped.
Yulenka pushed her hand under grandmother’s hips and cupped my testicles with her palm, began to pull them down.
Judging by the moans of her daughter, the grandmother was already in full exploration of her back hole and Yulenka clearly liked it.
I started swinging the trunk into my mother’s ass, leaving only the head in the ass.
Julia had time to lick my trunk when he left the grandmother’s back hole.
A tight hole squeezed my trunk along the entire length, and even my daughter was amused with my testicles and this could not affect the orgasm.
I anticipate that I will soon finish, I pulled the trunk and began to masturbate on the pussy of the mother.
Yulia deviated, watching her dad about to throw her grandmother’s pussy with his seed.
But for legitimate reasons, considering how much I poured today, only two small trickles spilled out of me.
Julia tutzhe clasped her head with her lips and began to produce.
Sucking the remnants of the seed, the daughter returned to her grandmother’s pussy and began to tongue smear my sperm on her lips and her grandmother’s clit.
This also acted on my mother as a signal to the finish line, and she did not hesitate to scream at the top of her voice and shudder, trembling.
Julia continued to lick her clit, playing with her fingers with her holes.
Only the daughter still has not enjoyed.
Mom asked Julia to get off her.
Then she herself, sticking to the table, knelt down.
Julia lay belly on the table.
I stood over her and began to caress her ass with my tongue, and my mother, having parted her granddaughter’s hips, began eagerly to lick her clit, fucking the girl with two fingers in her pussy.
The table was shaking and I was afraid that it would stand and collapse. Hot boobs cam.

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