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Probably, they have just tests of the work done, – Alain stopped at the door.
– But they give only theory and something political.
“They seem to hand over atheism tomorrow,” Valya replied, pulling her coat out from under a pile of clothes.

– No, well, look, all the hangers are empty, so they had to.
– handed over a coat to Alena.
Picking up her coat, Alain asked anxiously: – Probably I need to buy something.
“No, no,” said Valya, finally finding her coat.
– Do not need anything, they said.
They invite, well, surely, of course, they expect that we will still drag something.
No, well, look, – said, angrily looking at the torn hanger.
She waved her hand.
– BUT.
Maybe a pie? Will the mistress allow you? By the way, how are you with her? “Fine,” answered Alain.
She decided not to frighten Valya with her nightly fears, so stupid in the morning.
The light on the stairs did not burn, and Alena could not get into the keyhole with the key, but the door opened, and Egor let Alena into the apartment.
Whispering, Alain was about to throw off her coat, but she felt how confidently and carefully her hands helped Egor.
She again whispered “thank you” and leaned under the hanger for slippers.
“Well?” Asked Egor.
Alyona looked up, surprised, met Egor and was embarrassed, remembering her nightly fantasies.
Egor must have not slept at that time, and, unlike his mother, he understood the reason for her nightly rushing around the apartment.
“Well?” Asked Yegor again, and his tone became more insistent and even more severe.

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“Why are you silent?” “What are you talking about?” Murmured Alyona, carefully adjusting her slippers, which already sat on her feet, and hiding her face from Egor’s gaze.
– What does it mean about what? Have you been to the exam? Or where? What is your mood? Has filled up? Reapply.
Do not worry it is necessary, and relax and sit down for books.
Are you afraid to stay without a scholarship? You don’t live outside.
Come on, quickly wash your hands and eat lunch.
The mood of panic to leave, – he spoke firmly and calmly, and listening to him, it was impossible not to understand that there are no unsolvable problems in the world, and Alena, without moving, stood at the hanger, with difficulty, as if from under a pile of clothes, getting out of a pile of thoughts and, having finally understood the main thing in Egor’s words, she stretched out with insult: – Why would I have failed the exam? Yes, even in foreign literature? Egor turned from the threshold of the kitchen: “And how much?” “Very well,” with a proud resentment, like a child, pouting lips, answered Alain and so, offended, and went to the bathroom.
– Well.
– I heard it through the sound of water and felt from my voice how good Yegor smiled – I respect.

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Worried, then? Come on, eat.
And rest.
Alyona stopped at the door of the kitchen, clung to the door-frame, and, looking at Egor’s wide back, she wondered if she should ask him how she should pay off Ulyana Egorovna.
Yegor turned around, grinned, glancing at her pose, and said with a grumbling: “I have been ordered to feed you.”
I am a disciplined person.
Orders used to perform.
And then I can offer you a program of rest, and then, seeing the confusion on her face, that she had her own plans, but also she was uncomfortable to refuse her, asked hurriedly, or where were you going? – No, I just wanted to.
“To be alone,” he immediately realized, and in a different tone, as if not thinking of her, said, “I understand.”
Alain really wanted to be alone.
She had been waiting for a date with Kostya for so long, she had so long dreamed about him that she didn’t even realize the reality of tomorrow’s meeting. Http bongacams models ru.

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