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You move away until I leave almost all of you.
only the hot head of my penis stays inside you.
Without pausing, you impatiently begin to move back, again sitting down on my rod.

He bursts briskly at you, pushing your vagina apart again, making its way inside you.
I pick up your rhythm and hold you with one hand on my hip, take the initiative in my own hands.
I move so far slowly, enjoying every second, every moment of our proximity.
Gradually, I build up the pace, I feel, I know that you want me to move in you faster, so that my dick sharper, more violently entered you.
Here we are moving very fast, barely controlling ourselves.
my hand holds your thigh tight, my fingers dig into it, I push you into my dick.
The blanket has long slipped to our feet, the sharp smell of our hot bodies, the sweet intoxicating smell of our secretions, the intoxicating smell of sex has already spread around the room.
Your hot breath is mixed with mine, moans of pleasure burst from your chest with each of my immersion in your bowels.
How are we good.
I try to maintain rhythm, speed, we move synchronously, with each of my movements in you, you serve me to meet, trying to implant myself as much as possible on my dick, taking it into my hot, sweet depth.
You tucked your knees almost to the chest itself, revealing to me as best as possible access to your pussy, so that I feel more comfortable, so that I can enter you as deeply as possible.
The fingers of my second hand still caress your clitoris.

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I come off for a second, hold my finger lower, to where my cock in your pussy is moving violently, powerfully, I feel how hot it is, how wet it is.
I type on the finger a little bit of our lubrication and return it back to the clitoris.
I continue to caress your clitoris, at the same time thrusting my dick into your pussy.
I feel that you are on the verge of orgasm, a little more and a sweet wave will cover you.
I accelerate the movement of the finger on the clitoris.
I move in you extremely fast, plunging as deep as possible.
I see how you have already tightened up, you understand that the most long-awaited moment is coming, a sweet cramp reduces your body, you cover my hand on your thigh with your hand, you squeeze it with your fingers, a cry escapes from your chest, a cry enjoyment.
You finish, I feel the walls of your vagina tightly clasp and squeeze my dick.
inside it suddenly became even more lubricant, even hotter.
sweet convulsions in waves roll over you.
involuntarily, you straighten your legs, squeezing my cock even further inside you.
Overcoming your resistance, I try not to stop completely, with difficulty I continue to move in you.
Strengthening your enjoyment.
finger continue to caress the clitoris, but gently, barely touching the delicate skin, I spend on it, roll it from side to side.
I spend my finger on, on the folds of the sponges.
Your orgasm has already reached its peak, you scream with pleasure, your breath is lost.
you do not have enough air.
Gradually, I slow down my movements, and finally stop completely.
You lie still shaking, enjoying the sweet moments of pleasure.
But we still do not end there, only the very height.
I take out my dick from you, he is very reluctant to leave your hot pussy.
I turn you back.
gently kiss your lips.
you are all relaxed, your body is so beautiful, your skin is covered with a light sweat.
the nipples on the chest are still strained, appealingly sticking up.
I gently wrapped my lips around one

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of them, squeezing the second with my fingers.
Gently slide the tongue around the nipple, leaving a moist mark. Ivettashine bongacams.

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