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Time passed quickly and did not have time to look back as the bright orange sun began to rise from the water.
We met the dawn and broke up, after which I slept almost until the evening.
The next evening she came to me again and came every day until my pattaya fiesta

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was over.

Hello my friend! My name is Otin.
I am the court historian of the emperor Dora the First of the kind Likki.
One day, our emperor addressed me with a request that I compile the tree of his family, starting with the first emperor Likka of the First Great.
I turned to the sources that are in the palace.
There were a lot of documents, decrees, memories including those of an intimate nature, as well as relations with her sister, Analita, younger brother Nile.
As I read, I stumbled upon the memories of a secretary named Boni.
I noticed that they were very interesting since they described the policy of the emperor, his personal life.
The personal life of Likka the First was high.
What I would like to tell.
During one of his walks in his beloved garden, where he met a young man of 16-17 years.
His name was Boney.
It was a young man not tall, blue eyes and blond hair.
The emperor liked him.
Lykka wanted to seduce him.
For starters, Likki entered into his confidence.
They began to communicate a lot on various topics.
And so one day Likka invited the young Boni to come to his chambers and continue their conversation there.
Boney got a little embarrassed, but then gave a positive answer.
In the evening at about 9.
00 pm Bony was already sitting at the table next to His Majesty in his chambers.
They talked on various topics.
Then the emperor began to translate the conversation in the right direction.
It looked like that.
Bony, tell me, who do you love the most? Oooh, Your Majesty, I love a lot of people: my mom, dad, sister, brothers, grandmother, grandfather, my pets Tilly and Dilly and many more.

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Do you love your emperor? Yes of course! And if I ask you about something, can you do it for me? Certainly can! After all, not every day you ask for something! Good.
I think this moment has come! What should I do? First get up! Bony got up.
Likki approached him.
Very good.
Now take off your clothes! The young man, not resisting, took off his clothes.
Very good.
The emperor walked around and looked him over from head to toe.
Lykky came up behind him and hugged him around the waist.
Boni did not resist.
So you will do everything for me? Yes! Anything you wish! I like your answer! Likki turned the young man to himself and kissed him on the lips.
It was the first kiss Boney with a man.
He liked this.
The young man wanted him to not end.
But the kiss broke off.
Did you like it? Yes.
Can I continue? The young man nodded.
The emperor picked up Bony and carried him to his bed.
He laid him down and began to cover his body with kisses.
The young man was excited, he liked it.
Then the emperor got to the pisyun youth.
First Likki covered him with kisses, and then began to pick him up from the head to the testicles.
This went on for some time after which they both finished.
Bony let out a real firework.
After they had a little rest, the emperor asked: Did you like it? Yes, continue? Da Likki started kissing Bonnie.
They penetrated the tongue into his mouth.
They kissed for a few minutes.
Then he crossed over to the neck, and stroked his hips with his hand, lifting higher.
A member of Boni immediately stood up.
Likki took Boni’s hand and put it on his dick.
Bony began to move him up and down uncertainly.
At this time, Likki continued to kiss Bony’s body with kisses.
Then Likki stood up and Bony saw the dick heaving up.
Lick it up! Bony, sticking his tongue out, gently slid over the head.
Then Bony plunged a member into his mouth.
Holding in his mouth, he caressed his tongue.
Likki pulled forward and the member moved up against the palate.
Then he began to push the member even deeper.
Seeing that Boney began to choke, Likki pulled out his dick and raised his balls.
Boney began to lick the testicles.
Then Likki turned Boni on his stomach and began to caress the hole with a hot tongue.
Bony moaned.
Likki stopped and went to take a jar of grease, anoint ass and began to develop first with one finger, then put the second.
Boni moved his booty to meet.
Likki laid it on his stomach and settled down on top. Live blue sex film.

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