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Suddenly his hand slowly walked along her legs, barely, as if fluttering, moved to the inner side of her thighs.
His fingers felt the wet moisture flowing down smooth skin.
Hand boldly rose to the source of moisture, removing more and more new moans from the mouth of the girl.

Suddenly, Duval quickly got up and lowered Anna on the bed, then placed himself on her knees between her legs, spread her thighs to the sides and opened the swollen bright pink petals of the “bud”.
He saw her thin, untouched barrier.
From this sight dizzy, and more sore in the lower abdomen.
Duval was in pleasant confusion.
He first saw this before him.
All of his many, formerly, meetings with women were meetings with accessible “light” girls.
He usually chose expensive “girls”, but, in fact, they differed only in a more neat look and price, which they took from their clients.
Now before him was purity and innocence in all its original brilliance.
Duval nearly fainted from the joy that swept over him.
Leaning to face the bud, he quiveringly, trying to give her as much tenderness and affection as possible, plunged his lips into the nectar-flowing core.
The girl jerked and screamed.
He slightly played with the “flower” with the tip of his tongue,

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gently stroking the “petals” and drawing another pink “pearl” with his lips.
At this point, Anna convulsed, and the “bud” spilled out a large portion of “nectar.”
The girl, breathing heavily, froze and looked at him with a blank look.
And here Duval felt that he himself was beginning to lose control of himself.
His “sword” uncontrollably rushed into battle, threatening to break his pants.
However, he sucked “nectar” with his lips and kissed his love in a flushed mouth.
As if inebriated by her own taste, Anna with a groan leaned toward Duval.

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At that moment, he took out the “sword” and gently, trying not to frighten the girl or cause her pain, he ran his petals on his petals.
Anna did not resist, she just froze, listening to new sensations, and trustfully expected to continue.
And Duval did not hesitate any longer.
He cautiously entered between the petals, rested against a thin barrier, stood still for a moment, and swung, firmly pointing the “sword” into the depths of the “flower”.
The barrier broke, blood appeared between the “petals”.
A pirate triumphant smile appeared on the pirate’s face.
Anna has long lost a sense of time and space.
But when she felt in herself a part of her beloved, it seemed to her so strange and incredibly beautiful.
With pleasure, she repeatedly adjusted to his swinging movements, although, gradually losing strength, she understood that he was already swinging her, holding her ass.
The pain was only at the very beginning, then an indescribable feeling of bliss and pleasure appeared.
This has never happened to her.
She suddenly wished that he filled it as deeply as possible.
She wanted to shout, ask him about it, but only voluptuous inarticulate cries and loud moans escaped from her chest.
Duval also uttered strange growling-rumbling sounds, like a hungry beast tearing at its prey.
Suddenly, Anna felt a hot push inside her, and something new filled her “flower” to the brim, penetrating into the very depths of her being.
Exhausted and drunk with happiness, Duval sat down next to her, buried his face in her flushed tummy, hugging her legs.
Closing her eyes, Anna felt like something was flowing down her hips.
Raising her head, she saw a whitish mass mixed with blood.
Smiling at something, Anna closed her eyes and fell asleep.
A year has passed since we are not together.
But I have not forgotten anything.
And can I even forget everything that happened to us? Can I forget you? They say time heals.
Nothing like this! If a person is destined to heal, he will heal himself.
And if not, then no time will help him.
Just the pain will become deeper, go to the most secret corner, and the person will learn to wait it out, closing his eyes and mentally counting to ten.
No one will notice how this man hurts.
About his illness will know only himself.
– Hello, Princess, – you, as usual, called me in the evening.
Your voice sounded somehow unusual, this “hello”, always so joyful, playful, which made me anticipate a crazy meeting, now was somehow dim, as if you squeezed it out of yourself.
– Hi, Dyomka! – I tried not to wind myself ahead of time, answered cheerfully.
– When will you be? – Sorry. Live hd indian sex.

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