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To bypass this obstacle was not possible.
Asses occupied all the space from the slope of one mountain to another.
Sam cautiously approached the border where the assholes began.

Fuck! They were so tightly pressed to each other that it was impossible to step between them.
So, you have to stomp right on them.
Sam was about to do it, when suddenly the sphincter of the nearest asshole opened up even more and a grayish-greenish fountain of fetid steam escaped from the wet-shiny brownish hole.
He reached Sam.
– Fu shit! The health bar dropped a couple of units.
Suddenly, the release of gas stopped, the sphincter slightly shrank and the ass became, again, like a regular ass – pink shiny.
So pulls loudly slap on it.
But Sam restrained from this temptation.
It was necessary to continue the path and quickly pass a dangerous area.
He stepped on the first ass.
He vibrated, went shaking.
Sam burst into curses and quickly stepped over to the next.

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And so on, so on.
It must be said, it was not very pleasant to walk on this living, real flesh, which elastically promena under the soles of his shoes.
And then, in the asses began “volcanic” activity.
Anuses with a smack opened up and defiled the air with offensive gas emissions.
All this was accompanied by loud obscene sounds.
Bunch! Puuuuu.
FPU! PzzzzVipzzzzzz! Sam got right a couple of times to the epicenter of the stinking gas geyser.
His eyes pinched, his throat closed, his stomach went into an uncontrollable dance, and Sam had to work hard not to puke.
And by itself, the bar of his life went on decline.
Well still that, the stench did not affect the armor and that did not suffer.
From the danger zone, he left, losing up to a quarter of health.
Not very well considering the fact that some creatures immediately rushed at him.
They jumped out of the holes that could be seen here and there in the whole free space between the mountains.

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Upon closer examination, it turned out that his new opponents are members of almost two meters height with two countersinks on the roll out, sticking out below the prick.
Downstairs, hefty, hard-boiled eggs, filled to the limit, dangled.
Members moved with the help of two short legs, but quite quickly.
The members were extremely flexible, on the run they leaned and attacked.
And everyone strove to go to Sam in the rear.
Yes, it was so clever for them that Sam almost missed a couple of attacks, which would have cost him not only his health, but also the more expensive that a man has – honor.
The insistence of the mutant members didn’t like our hero much.
– to fuck me in the ass thought up? – He growled and decided to use the grenade launcher.
That damn ribbed vibrator began to fire.
Pussy! Hefty such wet, shiny and excited pulsating.
They fell to the ground and immediately appealed, lustfully revealed.
Stupid chelovekumutants and did not think to run around these obstacles.
Sam quickly realized that it was necessary only to throw these traps in the path of the enemies.
Those flew on the cunts, but instead of an explosion, members were captured.
Then there was a greedy gulp, wet chomping intercourse.
Member mutants squealed and jerked helplessly with their scanty legs.
The large eggs in the lower part of them are so puffed up, swollen, now they have fallen and wrinkled.
As their contents were swallowed by vaginas, the jerking of the members of the mutants became weaker and weaker.
But then came the naked Latin American whores, running on all fours.
Moreover, they sharili exhibited asses forward.
These temptingly protruding buttocks — large, bulging, glistening with oil — were apparently intended to attract a victim, to lull his attention.
There, in these seductive holes so conveniently substituted and it was necessary to stick.
It is necessary, if there is a desire to see on the screen the inscription “the end of the game, you died.
Click the left mouse button to start with the last save.
“And Sam, almost succumbed to the temptation.
But he overcame himself.
No wonder the galaxy knew him as a great hero.
Instead of languishing from the desire of a member, Sam took up the shotgun – a hole.
And he once again proved to the world that he was able to cope not only with the attack of a herd of bulls, but also with his own lust.
The chuck turned out to be a miracle, how pretty.
The two trunks are not located horizontally, but under each other.
And two rounds, just for two holes.
But Latinos, too, were not a blunder.
Having realized that they would not be able to seduce the desired hero, the damned bitches began to bullet into him with long streams of vaginal juice. Live sex in tv show.

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