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The shocks were quick and deep from which Lena’s thoughts mixed up: “God, how cool! I did not start like that since I first participated in group sex.
Anya, it turns out that she is a slut, loves to fuck.
Still so much time without normal fucking.

“Lena’s thoughts returned to that evening when she joined in such exquisite pleasure as having sex with several men.
It was the second half of August.
Lena has just returned from China, where she spent six months on the student exchange program.
While she was there, she had a little affair with a black guy from the Netherlands (had sex several times).
However, 3 months have passed since that moment, and without sex the young girl was hard.
In one of the lonely summer evenings, the girl was suddenly written by her old friend Alexander, with whom they studied at the university: “Hello, friend!) Do you want to go to the sauna to relax at the weekend? It will be a pleasant company, three guys and three girls).
Without thinking twice, Lena agreed, hoping that the evening would end in pleasant, non-binding sex.
She had no idea what was waiting for her.
Like any self-respecting girl, Lena prepared her body before the trip: carefully removed all the hair from her intimate places, went to the solarium, etc.
However, when she arrived at the place, something seemed strange to her: she was the only girl in the company of three guys (as you may have guessed, they were Alexey, Mikhail and Alexander).
There were no other declared girls, and for a second Lena was frightened.
But then, a strange feeling began to wake up in her.
It grew over time and with the amount of alcohol drunk, until she understood: she wants these three guys! One for three, do not share them with anyone.
When this thought completely took hold of her, she silently approached Sasha and slowly began to feel his cock through her shorts.
Lesha and Misha, not at all embarrassed, joined this.

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Lena began to

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feel and their members, feeling how their heat breaks through the fabric.
Unable to withstand the tension, Lena at one stroke pulled off Alexander’s shorts and began to actively suck his dick.
At this time, Misha and Lyosha pulled off her bra and began to knead and caress her gorgeous breasts.
From such treatment Helen finally lost a sense of reality and swallowed a member of almost the entire length.
Sasha realized that from such a deep blowjob, he quickly finish and therefore quickly pulled a member of the most lustful mouth, which he had only seen.
After that, he lifted Lena from her knees, pulled off her panties and immediately drove the dick into her pussy, and Lyosha and Misha were attached to her head.
That evening, Lena was fucked in different poses, compositions, the boys changed holes, treated her one by one, two by three.
On that day, Lena sat down on the group sex, and on the same day, Sasha made her an offer that she could not refuse.
At the same time, in the next room, Anya continued to push two members.
She had completely lost her sense of reality when the guys began to synchronously introduce their tools into her holes.
The priest was buzzing with pleasure, a whole waterfall flowed out of her pussy, and the men never thought to stop.
At some point, they wanted to change: Lyosha turned Anya back and began to introduce a member in the ass.
Her back hole was already well developed, so he entered easily, after which this porn star began to ride this non-weak unit.
Sasha, who decided to play a little with her, approached Anyuta from the front and brought the penis to her mouth with the words: “Do you like the taste of your priests? Would you like to try it? ”To Sasha’s surprise, Anya, with some kind of frenzy, attacked his sticking cock and began to suck and lick him as if it were a delicious candy.
“What a silly he is, I also like to suck dick after anal sex, especially my own.
Nothing, more often we will fuck, he will understand.
“- With such thoughts Anya sucked his dick, skillfully delivering him (and herself, for that matter) pleasure.
At that moment Lena entered the room, dragging Misha behind her, a member of which looked like a barrier.
Anya, who continued to suck enthusiastically, became interested in what was happening, and Lena, meanwhile, sat Misha on the sofa and immediately drove his 20-centimeter member in the ass.
At this time, Sasha took out a member of the lustful mouth of a red-haired whore, put it in his pussy and frantically began to fuck her.
Sisechki was shaking to the beat of this fucking, two members broke off the crotch, she moaned endlessly, and at that time Lena literally have a member of Misha her booty, hoping, it seems, to squeeze all the juice out of him. Livejasmin 10 free.

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