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I remembered this day for a long time and the next day I was a little ashamed to look the guard in the eyes, but we smiled at each other and now I knew for sure that I could jump into the back room at any moment, call him and how I should fuck or suck him hard and exciting member!
Once, when at work it was all very bad, and everyone was running like mad trying to prepare for the arrival of the big bosses, my nerves died.
Anyway, to do something to fix what has already been done will not work, and I allowed myself to relax.

On a dating site, I hung out my profile, which I started once in order to just try what it is.
The questionnaire was written the whole truth, and even some not very good picture was hanging out, so the attendance of the questionnaire was zero.
And so, having finished with all these presentations, I plunged into the fascinating world of dating sites.
I will lie if I say that after 5 minutes I met a gorgeous girl and an hour later we were in her bed at home.
No, everything, alas, is much simpler and more prosaic.
After fruitless attempts to get acquainted with several bright representatives of the Internet community, during which everything came down to questions about my apartment, car, money and a huge member, I became bored, and I chose a random profile without a photo and a special description.

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After a standard exchange of greetings, our conversation turned into a small monologue on my part.
She answered

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only with short phrases and tried not to go into details and ignored all provocative questions that I imperceptibly tried to slip into the process of communication.
And then came the moment when I asked a question about the meeting.
– Let’s meet tonight? She did not answer for several long minutes, but after a pause, I received the following message: – Are you not afraid, what if I’m terrible, fat and vile? – Well, I always have the opportunity to run away when I see you! – I answered and this answer decided the further fate of the short correspondence.
We agreed to meet after work at some corner.
She said that her friends were invited to the celebration of some kind of celebration, but since they are not too close friends, then being at this celebration will not give her much pleasure, and she will be glad to quickly escape from there under any pretext.
After completing things at work, I quickly jumped into the car and now rushed looking for a meeting place.
It did not take long to get there, but while I was in a traffic jam, an interesting idea came to my mind – why not go to the beach? The sea was 100 kilometers from our city, there was a wonderful hot summer outside and I knew one secluded little beach with fine sand, warm water and a cool breeze.
The sun was already setting behind the horizon and when I reached the meeting place, I noticed a small grocery store on the corner.
Having run into the store, I bought some fruit, a couple of bottles of lemonade, some sort of salad and how much hamburgers.
Returning to the car with all these food supplies, I waited.
Waiting was delayed and fidgeting in place I several times caught myself thinking about what I was to see. Livejasmin nude.

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