Livejasmin previous edition.

Livejasmin previous edition.
It was incredible, but May had never been by the ocean in her entire life.
She became rooted to the spot, squeezing Lyons, and shouted: – Eeeeeeeyiiiiii !.
Her cry was absorbed in the fog like a sponge.

Huge waves, thick-gray, even as dunes, flowed and fell on the white sand, doused it with lively lace.
Immediately felt dry paint on the skin, stretched like scales – and immediately wanted to lose it, get free, soak it to the livers, to a screech.
Looking at each other, May and Lyons rushed forward, screaming like crazy.
When May, stunned by the coldness and power of the waves that hurled her like a rag, came to her senses and stopped screaming – Lyons dragged her into the shallows and began to rub like a kettle.
– Hhhhhyy – wheezed May, clearing her throat.
“Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo,” she buzzed, giving herself strong arms.
The paint did not want to wash off, and Lyons swore: – To eat it! Now we will be rainbows, ho-ho.
Your hair is not three, not four, but five whole colors, Linny! Your customers will be distracted.
– hhhhyy.
Shit! – Right! I’m looking, did you get the hell out of it, Linnie? – Behind.
what – Well.
fascinated and a little forgot about the job.
BUT? Something like washing the upper layers, they began to float and flop, flying on the waves, like on a swing.
May captured mischievous delight, and she splashed in Lyons, as he had once in childhood in Jeremy, who had lodged her naked in the lake – and he suddenly grabbed her, carried her out of the waves and laid her on the sand with his belly down like a dog. Livejasmin previous edition.

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