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When she finished, she gently kissed me on the lips and whispered: “I ask you to our humble table.”
On the table stood several bottles of dry wine, a plate of grapes and sliced ??cheese.
The hostess poured me a full glass.

– Relax Yulenka, drink! The walk and the unexpected guest aroused so much emotion in me that I drank wine, like vodka with one volley.
– Desperate girl! Look, you like everything that happens very much, said the hostess, looking at my bulging knob.
Immediately she came close to me dropped to her knees and freeing my dick from the shackles of panties, plunged him into her beautiful mouth.
The warmth of her mouth and the gentle touch of her lips to the head drove me crazy.
And she diligently continued to do me a blowjob.
Her lips then become more resilient and passionate, then softer and more tender.
Feeling that I was about to finish, she broke off, hid my dick in panties, got up and whispered in my ear, “Not now!” She took my hand and led me to the bed.
And I did not have time to come to my senses, as I was already lying on the bed, my mistress was on top and caressed my body with her hot kisses.
She sometimes kissed my nipples, sometimes our cute little mouths merged into an impetuous kiss dance.
I was beside myself with what was happening, my eyes were closed with pleasure, my body turned into one continuous erogenous zone.
– Finally, – I thought, when I felt that the hostess was taking off my panties.
Taking off her panties, she turned around to face my dick, and her ass to my face and began to do me a blowjob. Masters of sex season 3 watch free online.

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