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I can and naked.
My husband did not like gum, and I myself like it when sperm enters into me, because this is a vitamin for a woman! I know what to do, do not worry !.
– Marina.

– I did

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not know what to say.
Marina’s hand mollified and pulled at my dead organ, then took it in her mouth.
Everything remained as it was.
– Marina, I do not know what happened to me.
My wife and I have never had such a thing.
– I understand, Igor.
This sometimes happens.
This is yours.
here! – she knocked on my forehead.
– Well, what to do now ?.
– Nothing needs to be done, everything will be fine by itself.
Tomorrow my partner Zina will go to the procedures, and you come to my building.
Room 512.
Do you remember? Tomorrow everything will work out for you! You will see!.
Zina left not just the procedures, but after that she went to play ping-pong.
Apparently, she and Marina were so persuaded.
In general, it was not a few hours.
Marina greeted me in a thin robe (their room was also very warm).
– Come on, Igor, drink some tea! – She took off her raincoat and, putting cups on the table, poured thick, pre-made flavored tea into them.
We sat at the table opposite each other, and Marina stretched her legs.
The floors of the dressing gown went a little apart, and I saw that she was wearing thin patterned panties.

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I suddenly wanted to see the place where they are wrapped around her pussy.
Although yesterday I saw her all-all, spread her pussy, licked her.
Today everything was mysterious and interesting, as if nothing had happened yesterday.
I put my hand on Marina’s knee and slightly pressed her to put her foot on the floor.
Marina complied.
I just moved my leg to the side, and my eyes opened to what I wanted to see: pussy covered with panties.
I felt that my dick was growing lush.
After a few seconds, Marina was already lying beneath me on the bed and moaning from the feelings of sexual contact with a male member that had not been experienced for a long time.
And I was just on top of bliss: such a woman! We finished together, and I did not want to take a member out of such a sweet and desirable pussy.
But then I still took it out, as I understood: it will not work again this time, I need to rest.
Marina put her head on my chest.
We lay silent.
Then she asked: – Well, what? Can we still have some tea ?.
We drank almost the entire kettle.
Then they took turns running to the toilet.
Then, imagining how Marinka was sitting on the toilet and her urine was flowing from her pussy, I was again excited and dragged my girlfriend onto the bed.
She laughed loudly.
Until, until she felt like a purple member again entered into her pussy.
This time it lasted longer than the first time, but the ending was no less stormy.
What is there to tell? During the entire sanatorium period, Marina and I were engaged in IT with several times a day.
And then the term “treatment” came to an end.
Marinka flew home a few days before me.
I was sad.
Zinka, who, of course, was in the know, was trying to “ring up” me: – Igor, are you a fool? What do you care – she, or me? All women have all the same.
Do you want me to show ?.
I silently waved.
When I arrived home, I called Marinka from work (she gave me the phone): – Marinka, honey, I can’t live without you! Mechta geisha bongacams.

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