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On this day, three more times I secluded myself with my new secretary, who neatly performed all her duties, leaving a wonderful impression.
Wonderful days have come.
The secretary was always in front of her eyes, pleasing my eyes with beautiful legs in stockings.

And I was constantly excited by the knowledge that under her dress everything was open and accessible, and that she would fulfill any of my fantasies.
When it became completely unbearable to endure, I threw all the cases and fully used the girl to relieve the tension, forcing her to please me in some new, refined way.
On the third day I wanted a variety in her outfit, and I gave her a lot of money to buy stockings of various models and colors, as well as other items of erotic and exciting lingerie.

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She dragged the whole package, and I hid all this wealth in the safe.
My favorite hobby was to watch her put on some regular sexy outfit in which she began to look completely new.
She walked around the office in a transparent nylon attire, which did not hide the body, but on the contrary, made it unbearably desirable.
And I was fooled by the realization that this is happening in reality! The girl learned very quickly, grasped everything on the fly, and I was amazed at how she accurately and unquestioningly carried out everything, even the most exotic, of my instructions.
Yesterday I ordered her to bring Vaseline, as I decided it was time to visit her narrowest, and therefore the most desirable, hole.
In anticipation of such a sweet act, my dick stood like a rock, and I instructed the girl, for whom I chose this time white sexy outfit, to lubricate him and my ass abundantly with Vaseline.

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That, kneeling, gently distributed the lubricant over the entire surface of the phallus.
Then she sent a portion of Vaseline to herself between the buttocks, eating her slippery fingers there.
When everything was ready, she lay down on the table, throwing up her legs in white stockings.
I walked over, put her legs on my shoulders and, putting my penis to the entrance, leaned forward.
I looked into her face, and read on it all the sensations that a girl experienced when my slippery cock crawled into her from a narrow back door, pushing the elastic walls apart and inexorably moving forward.
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