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I was supposed to start work from Wednesday, but decided to stop by, get to know the team on Tuesday evening.
I, on this occasion, bought a new dress, blue polka dots with a deep neckline, white gloves, a hat and white high-heeled shoes.
Hour 2 looked in the mirror, I looked gorgeous! The chauffeur drove me to work, I got out of the car and found myself alone across from a tall, beautiful building, which housed the offices of several newspapers and magazines.

The waiter at the entrance, seeing me suddenly jumped up, smiled and tried to figure out something in English, which made me laugh a lot.
When I was waiting for the elevator, I heard him say to someone that I was a foreigner, came to work in a magazine, I don’t speak Russian at all.

I wonder how rumors spread.
I climbed to the right floor, out of the elevator.
Everything around was just gorgeous, patched up, the one who built is clearly not stingy no matter what.
I went to the office, but nobody was there.
I walked through the rooms until I found in one of two guys sitting at the computer and watching porn there.

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When they saw me, they jumped in, quickly opened some kind of document in the Word and foolishly smiled.
“Natalie,” I said, smiling and holding out my hand.
“Yuri,” the second one introduced himself, and, too, kissed his hand.
Well, guys, you will not get bored.
– Says I’m glad to see us.
Both of them continued to smile like idiots.
These were still very young guys, 20 years old each.
Sergey was very tall and handsome blond, but in looking at him there was something very sassy, ??but attractive.
He was wearing a very old and worn suit, probably inherited from his father, and Yuri was a little lower, but still a tall brunette.
He was dressed in jeans and a sweater.
I gracefully sat on the couch, putting one foot on the other, the guys were very funny watching the movement of my legs, trying to see my panties.
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