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Nothing wrong.
Will go.
I can tell the driver.

Will bring.
Nothing to pull it.
For once, he gave him the opportunity to relax with his family on weekends.
Besides, he was clearly already relaxed.
I when.
I let go today, he was so looking forward to how he would drink vodka today for the first time in six months.
I’ll go.
But this is after 2, 2 and a half hours.
So you will air out at the same time.
And while we relax in the sauna.

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, tomorrow is a busy program, remember? All need a good rest.
The chief looked at me hopefully.
Rum, make a company? I looked at my wife questioningly.
She seemed even pleased.
Yes, of course, go! Just bring the things out of the car first.
Good let it be your way.
Wheelbarrow drove half an hour later.
When we got into the car with the boss, he briefly told the driver: “To Oktyabrsky, to the monument” Oktyabrsky is a village 5 kilometers towards the city.
I was surprised about this: Do they sell such wine? And who buys it there? Eh, Romych, you did not understand a fig! Yes, the wine has long been bought and is in a safe place! Just how else could we get our wives down for 2, 5 hours without arousing suspicion? But why? If we come, I will tell you, and the chief glanced at the driver, after which he plunged into the phone, filling SMS.
I fell silent, wondering what Sergey had invented there.
After 10 minutes we went to the central, if you can call it that, square of the village.

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The chef asked the taxi driver to pick us up from here after 2 hours and handed the bill, which lit the taxi driver’s eyes with a joyful light.
If you come, you’ll get the second one.
When the car drove off and we walked along a dark street to a place known to Sergei, he said: I want you, Romych, to introduce you to the new referent.
In the sense of? And hope leaves? Nadya remains.
And I will introduce you to her.
Just that Nadia, to which we are going, is very different from the one that you see at work.
He intrigued me with this statement.
The fact is that we had a common reception room with our boss.
There Lena hosted – a cute, but stupid, 20-year-old creation, whose duties included bringing coffee, receiving and transferring a call, and spreading out the mail.
But besides this girl, we still had a common referent Hope.
Very smart and business young woman 28 years old.
She was our real and very useful assistant: she coordinated the work of the services, prepared orders and business letters, kept the minutes of meetings, contracts, and always kept a lot of necessary information in mind.
She accompanied me or the chief on all business trips.
An indispensable employee! When I first got a job, my wife, under the influence of stereotypes about the relationship of the head-secretary, asked me in detail about both.
Moreover, she even came to work for me, under some kind of innocent excuse, to personally see potential rivals.
Stupid woman! Type to change if desired, I could only with the secretary or referent! Seeing Lena, Tom immediately relaxed in relation to her.
She was adamant that I didn’t like stupid dolls.
Nadia did not see her on that visit.
One day I went to work on a day off to prepare one very important report together with Nadezhda.
Closer to dinner Wife came to check us out.
And then there was a comical case: while I was puffing over the report, my assistant took to look after Toma.
Coffee her drink, entertain the conversation.
At the same time she almost openly tried to seduce her! At our place, everyone was sure that Nadia was a lesbian.
I told the same thing to my wife, but she did not believe. Nude cam models.

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