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In the evening, when all, exhausted and slightly tanned, returned home, the girls began to prepare dinner, in order to celebrate the first day of the holidays.
Salads, sandwiches, potatoes.
In general, the usual suburban set.

And, to my surprise, there were two bottles of wine on the table and one with champagne.
I was instructed to serve the girls and see that they would always have something to drink.
This turned out to be not a difficult task, except that I had a lot of trouble with champagne.
When you never open it, it’s difficult for the first time.
The fun has begun.
We talked, joked, ate, toasted.
I, as not drinking, raised a toast to the girls, really drank the juice.
A couple of times went to the kitchen for the next salads or a bottle of wine.
When everything was eaten, he again went to the kitchen for the sweet.
When he returned, he saw that they poured me some wine.
And they said, if I do not drink everything, they will be offended.
There was no way out and had to drink.
It was a challenge for me, and I coped with it.
I drank it to the drop, although the taste of the wine was terrible.
After a while, I started to get sleepy.
I thought it was because of the wine, so I did not attach any importance to it.

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Thanking everyone for the dinner, I went to my room.
The truth did not reach her, but I don’t remember where I fell asleep.
But in the morning I was in for a surprise.
Which is not a bit happy for me.
I was lying on the bed, naked.
His hands and legs were handcuffed, something cold and iron felt on his neck.
I concluded that this is a collar, considering also the fact that there was a chain somewhere from the neck.
And, the only item of clothing was some strange underwear.
It seems like with glands or plastic inserts.
I could not understand their essence.
In general, this whole situation did not please me very much and

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I would like to understand what is happening.
Attempts to break out were unsuccessful.
Somewhere in only half an hour I heard some kind of noise and saw the doors to the room open and my classmates came in.
You’re already awake? This is good, – said Julia.
Welcome – Katya has already said this and all the girls laughed.
Summary of the first part.
The clerks on duty at one of the district hospitals mark the arrival of International Women’s Day.
But Gena did not know that he had not yet come to his surprise.
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