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Stick her in? All that can be long overdue, but at least a condom, AIDS and other mutoten does not go out of my head.
How to think.
do then tests, eat pills, all sorts of injections.


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if AIDS? Then absolutely kaput.
Oh kay I speak.
The Cuban sex fighter, thinking that I am not a pervert, jumps on the bed.
And bends.
Her ass is not purple and not black.
Milky chocolate.
Probably, Fidel Castro also has such a chocolate bottom, only with his hair, but this is not for me, but for the Negro guard from Andersen’s fairy tales.
– Kamon, – stretching this word melodiously, she smoothly beckons me to her.
Bedside is approaching.
The bed is coming.
The woman on the bed is also approaching.
This I climb on the bed.
Like the sheets changed.
Yet the German brothel is clean and tidy.
On the bedside table there are flowers.
She still stands ready to start her career.
I can see her left hand on the back.
I slowly move my hand and shave my huge ass. Something is magical for me in big breasts and big ass.
Why such delight and why? I do not know.
Instinct probably, with the tricks of Uncle Freud, made me such a cheerful inclination.
I like in front of the piano.
In front of the black piano.
I run my fingers over the back.
Well, I’m quite on edge.
Need to do something -Turn around – I ask.
-Oh, Klas-sik! She understands and says, for some reason, very quiet.
She rolls over.
I cling to her so warm, big, desired, and my hands diverge.
One to himself, the other to her.
The hollow of the abdomen, a thin brush of the hair of the pubis and finally the lips, her lower lips are moist slightly parted.
My second hand started moving.
Slightly accelerating, I slow down a little.
I kiss her armpits.
Salty Sea.
I take her nipple in her mouth.
Palm trees.

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White sand.
I lead on the edge and my hand specifically slides down.
And I touch it with the crook of my elbow.
There is delicate skin.
No more gentle than the tongue, but more gentle than the fingers.
And the vein also pulsed, as it did below.
And Jesse, having understood my game, gave way, helping me.
Hands listened to the rhythms.
Hands stroking.
Hands sank.
Hands accelerated and slowed down.
Is he.
White lightning spiraling piercing the spine hit in the head.
And having blown up somewhere in the back of the head, it flowed in soft, soft waves over the whole body.
I looked at Jessica, at the blue sky outside the window.
Frankfurt was roaring outside the window and clouds were floating across the blue sky.
Clouds sailed from childhood.
From childhood.
20 years later.
All the men, to whom I said that I was going to Pattaya, began to blink openly: they say, you will fuck, everything that moves! I was not going to deny that I was not interested in the beauty of Thailand, because in my 45 years I visited all the places worthy of attention, and I can say that Pattaya is not the place to go to look at the landscapes.
Hot secretly is a dream of any self-respecting man who is not obsessed with one woman and loves sexual adventures.
My friend, who was recently in Thailand, said that it was just as common a product as soft drinks – at every corner they propose to take it by the cheek.
Unlike domestic prostitutes, the secretly a goddess of a blowjob – my comrade, who Russian tourists called “carrots”, as Thai prostitutes called Thai prostitutes, claimed, who had to spend on buying cheap equipment (he went to Thailand ).
The only thing that he didn’t like very much was that after the trip he discovered some sort of intimate sore, which, however, was quickly cured.
I have never had such problems since, even though I practice free sex, I did not forget about security.
Someone said that in some places the blowjob even issued checks, but I was not going to check it.
So I did.
My Sonny (I don’t think that was her real name, but what difference did I have in the end?) Was a good girl – we agreed with her that she would come to me every evening at a certain time (I rented a beach house not far from the waterfront) .
Sonny said that for three thousand baht a day I can do whatever I want with her.
Looking at her nipples sticking out from under the stretch jersey, I wanted her right there on the embankment, even though we were familiar for only ten minutes.
A friend told me that when removing a carrot on the embankment, it is imperative to ask her to show her women’s belongings, otherwise it’s so close to running into a lady – a girl with a penis. Nude webcam in public.

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