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I get up from his knees.
– It’s time for us to return, Maxim.
Saying goodbye to my house, Maxim kisses me for the last time and says: “I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.”

Very good, because I do not quite clearly imagine where our office is located.
And now we continue the revision of the girl’s clothes.
If next Sunday you have to go to the country and swim there, then you will need a swimsuit (not too frank!).
But the two that were available were not even outspoken, but provocative.
Blue panties are able to cover only the hollow between the buttocks, and both halves of the priests are exhibited for all to see.
I had to urgently go shopping.
As a result, found what was required.
Black swimsuit, which has full panties, covers my lower roundness to the hips, and the bra doesn’t look like a porn star.
Grandmas, who sit on the bench, nod approvingly with the heads of “a handsome guy called up a neighbor Natasha”.
The office was right next to my house, and it wasn’t worth anything to walk on foot, but Maxim wanted to give me a ride.
Behind the doors to the offices of the post of our guard, under her supervision, registration of employees’ arrivals and departures and received mail.
I mark the arrival with my personal card and lean over the table with the correspondence, select the necessary letters.
Bored in his place, the security guard took advantage of it and stroked my ass.
Well, you know, this can not be so left, the more it sees Maxim.
I turn around and poke my eyes with security fingers with spread “slingshot” fingers.

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– Zenki poked out! I say this in full voice so that everyone around you can hear.
The security guard, saving his eyes, recoiled from my slingshot and mumbled: – Dispersed.
No wonder they called you Touchy.
I got to my desk.
The main thing in my workplace is a computer in which all the transactions and contracts prepared for signature are stored.
It turned out that I was only registered as a secretary, it is my responsibility to control these documents.
At the adjacent tables, two secrets Masha and Nina chew chocolates and discuss the acquired rags.
Masha, who saw the scene with the guard, turns to me: – Natashka, you better not wear pants, In your ass you are too attracted to men.
Wear a mini-skirt like us.
– Your skirt is too short, if you bend down, pick up something from the floor, you can see the panties.
– And you do not stoop, and squat down on his haunches.
Anyway, even a short mini is more decent than your

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Perhaps they are right, especially as a miniskirt is almost a uniform among the young ladies of our company.
Of course, she is short and my boss will see my thighs, but in me he appreciates not girlish charms, but something else.
Our boss is a special story.
He is smart, cunning, lover of the female body and does not hide his criminal past.
The racketeers tried to drive into the company, the chief met them so that they never tried again.
With city officials, he speaks in the most refined style, but he can give out a thug pheny, which I hardly understand.
The chef divides all female office staff into those who can and those who should not.
It is impossible under no circumstances for the sake of a clever head employee, bringing great benefits.
To those “who can not be” is accounting, two ladies analysts and me.
The chef never touches us with his finger, tries not to even scream.
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I want to introduce myself.
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