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I threw the blouse right into his face.
Yuri continued to hold my waist and slightly pulled my skirt down.
All read – Vladimir.

Vladimir came close.
And Yuri said – this is your prize and with these words you didn’t just pull out both stickies, but opened me in front of everyone.
Yuri put his skirt off my hands and demanded that I give the skirt to Vladimir myself.
What I did.
All the men of our department are clearly numb, however, like myself.
Gene came close to me – turned me around so that I would not stand like a half-sided like when they read the inscriptions on their backs.
I put a blouse in my hand and ordered – Olga give your clothes to Vladimir and kiss him like the winner of today.
For this, I wanted to get off my pedestal, but Gena said that I would stay on a stool.
I had to pass the skirt and blouse to Volodya, and at the same time bend down for a kiss.
My boobs were scattered with big jocks in different directions.
I Volodya smacked, but from Gena I heard in a firm voice – BY INSTRUCTIONS.
I immediately realized that I would have to grab one hand over Volodya’s neck and suck him with a passionate kiss, and with the other hand I should grope his knob between my legs.
Volodya feels, has suffered from watching me all day and just as passionately answered me with an arrogant kiss and that my breasts would stop dangling in different directions then with both hands he grabbed hold of them.
At the same time I looked at Gennady with open eyes trying to figure out whether he had guessed his demands.

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And Yuri, meanwhile, continued.
Each of you will receive his boss, Olga Ivanovna, in his perverse-sexual disposition, starting at 4 pm, according to the results of the work that we, Yuri, Gennady, and respected Olga Ivanovna, will evaluate to 12 hours of each day.
Today paws and has his Prize Vladimir.
Tomorrow is another.
Touch and fuck the Prize can only the winner.
The rest, on pain of dismissal, do not dare touch their little boss, Olga Ivanovna, with their little fingers.
Olga Ivanovna, tear away from your winner, stand up from this stool on the table

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, go back and forth and Gena added software instructions.
I, having kissed, with Vladimir as a drunken stupor, began to defile on the table as wicked as possible more wickedly with my hips and tits.
Somewhere in the distance of our huge room, Vladimir and Gennady neatly laid out a blouse and a skirt on my computer, and in the meantime Yuri continued: there were no employee alerts at the factory about sexual activities in our department.
Who will say – we will be immediately dismissed.
Together we must observe the honor of the married woman Olga Ivanovna, who went to get significant results for the voluntary reward of all of you.
According to Olga Ivanovna, she herself will be the best Prize for every day for one of you.
In two weeks we must receive a result from the department and for these two weeks you will all receive your Prizes daily.
I was asked to jump off the table right into the arms of Vladimir.
And again I follow my favorite instruction – I grabbed a hickey at him.
And at the same time, frankly in the open I grope for his penis in his pants.
Without saying a word, whether I wanted or not, the men resolutely took me naked to the exit to go out into the corridor and walk in this form.
I also decisively opened the door to the corridor and waved, the remaining men with the handle came forward when we reached the hall, then Gennady turned me towards the visitors who were in the hallway.
These three men were stunned! Orgasm in webcam.

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