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The girls really were friends, and they never even envied each other.
They knew for sure – only unsure of themselves fools girlfriends ugly.
Because together they were like a couple of vampires – NECESSARY.

The guys fell at the feet and by themselves folded in the woodpile.
They both had money – the cat wept, and the scents attracted successive victories.

– What do beautiful girls want? – A handsome man with a dazzling smile asks such a burning question.
Elcha automatically made a stand: – Beautiful girls want to smell delicious.
– Absolutely legitimate desire.
And what exactly do beautiful girls want to smell like? Twenty minutes of mutual courtesies, Elkin’s breaking and Mashulina smiles – and the spirits were bought and solemnly presented to the girls.
org) Then we exchanged phone numbers, and the girlfriends rushed to the nearest park to grind everything.
Discussed long and tastefully.
Masha tried to resent and object, but habitually retreated under the pressure of Elechkin: “So what, what Caucasians?

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They are not all terrorists and bastards.
And then they are not from Chechnya, but from Dagestan.
But beautiful and courteous.
And look, what sleek.
And with the money.
Did you see the car? So what if they are on thirty-five? This is not for you not our snotty boys, but men.
And who told you that they are married? No rings.
And then, even if so, are you going to marry him in a headscarf and go to the end of life? Masha, we must take from life everything that she gives.
And we will not give anything to these hachims.
Ha ha ha! As there? Our motto is unbeatable – we will excite and not give! ”And Masha gave up.
And then there were three weeks of flowers, restaurants, gifts, trips out of town.
Elka tore off to the fullest, enjoying outright male admiration – the romantic Salih never took her eyes off her and blew specks of dust.
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