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Very correct of him.
But never mind, you take a shower.
You do a lot of things before you become the way I want.

Yes Master.
I think we cut you bald.
I have several latex suits, one of them suits you, it will be like a second skin.
The owner was not joking.
Well, that’s not so scary.
From his words, I got wet.
Latex, bald head.
It will be interesting.
Well, and besides, since you switched to my use, I want to give you a few tattoos and insert rings wherever you can.
These are great ideas Master.
– I answered in a shaky voice.
Tattoos? Rings? I am waiting for a lot of interesting things.
So began my new life with my new master.
At the beginning of summer, my beloved little wife Lena, a slender brown-haired woman of 30, said that she wanted to invite her niece, Olya, to stay with her.
Her older sister was eight years older.
We settled in the southern city three years ago, bought a spacious house.
Guests would not constrain us.
I agreed with joy.
I prepared two objects for delivery, they demanded constant attention.
And Lena was on vacation.
Therefore, the arrival of her niece will take her, and she will cease to complain that I pay little attention to her.
Our relationship went into a very, very quiet phase a few years ago.
There were no children.
And we, a little distant from each other.
Olya arrived at the end of June.
I, as always, was at work, and my wife met her in her car.
When I came home, she had already posted it.
They managed to chant and make friends.
– Here, meet my niece, – Lena brought me a girl of medium height, with a short haircut.
Olya had a slim figure, small breasts, and you can’t tell otherwise.
Her nipples were stomping ahead, pulling on the thin fabric of a T-shirt.
A small ass covered with low knit shorts.

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I was in a hurry to have dinner and sit down at work, so I got off with phrases on duty.
For almost a week we existed in different planes.
I worked, and the girls went about their business.
They were, do not spill water.
But one fine day, I was surprised to find that I don’t have to do anything in the evening and offered to go to the movies after dinner.
Lena exchanged a glance with Olya and agreed.
While they were dressing up and “powdering their noses,” it got dark and we only got into a ten-hour session.
In the parking lot of a huge mall, I went out first and helped my wife get out of my jeep.
She was wearing a short skirt, and when she extended her hand to me, I noticed that she did not have her panties under her skirt.
I could not believe my eyes! But we, as always, were late, and quickly rushed to the box office cinema.
She behaved like nothing had happened! I wondered if it seemed to me.
About three years ago we still a little bit “hooligans”, including with clothes on the street.
I persuaded her a couple of times to walk without panties, and I remember very well how she was constrained, although the skirt was then longer.

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And here, the very immediacy! During the session, by manipulating the fallen cigarette lighter, I was convinced that I did not dream.
My wife came to the movies without panties, and I knew nothing about it! Also, I noticed that Lena and Olya, in spite of the twofold difference in age, behaved like two girlfriends.
They laughed at their own, only to them understandable, jokes, whispered, like all the girls, and so on.
At home, having thought it over carefully, I decided not to flog a fever.
Maybe she was in a hurry, just forgot to wear panties.
As for Oli, with whom she still has to communicate, if I’m busy all the time.
They say for sure that all men are stupid when it comes to their wives.
The next day, I managed to call home for lunch.
Both girlfriends were at home.
Lena set the table for me, but she didn’t sit down with me, retired with her niece in the hall.
I got the impression that I had violated their plans by my arrival.
At dinner, I again remembered our trip to the cinema, and, calling Lena to the kitchen, asked for supplements.
While she was at the stove, I dropped the fork under the table.
She was again without panties! The next couple of days I made sure that she, neither at home, nor even in the store, we once went shopping, did not wear panties.
From clothes prefers short skirts and dresses.
Bra does not wear either.
About the bra, everything is clear she had a strong small chest. Random sex cam chat.

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