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Then we went to me.
rather, to our home.
Karen, sitting down on the sofa, immediately pulled off Masha’s light dress, put her on all fours in front of him and put his still soft cock in her mouth.

He hardened before his eyes, increasing in size, and Masha, closing his eyes, sweetly sucked him.
I looked at this fascinating picture, not knowing what to do in this situation.
Then Karen noticed my mess and friendly shouted: – Hey, groom! And why are you standing aside, fuck your bride, join! I was glad, not believing in my happiness.
I thought that maybe the contract is a fiction, another exam for me.
And now I will have the same or almost the same rights to Masha, like Karen? Inspired, I took off my clothes.
I went to Masha, my cock stood with a stake.
– Attach yourself to her from behind, there is free, – Karen winked conspiratorially at me.
Do it? I’m not even in a condom, but he said nothing about it.
But if you said that you are attached, then it is possible without a condom.
How long I did not enter the mink my favorite.
I went to Masha from behind, knelt down, took my penis with my hand and began to insert it into her vagina.
– Hey, – Masha screamed, shielding her vagina with her palm, blocking my entrance, – are you out of your mind? Forget about it once and for all, you do not want to quarrel with me because of such nonsense? – No I do not want to.
– it was as if I had been doused with cold water, – But Karen said.
– Karen said that you are attached behind you, and now you have one sexual organ – your tongue. Read sex comics online free.

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