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Sometimes, returning from there, he sends me warm greetings from Petrovich, who, for some reason, completely stopped coming to me.
In early October, the team in which Elena Maksimovna and Valentina Pavlovna worked always went to Ryapolovo for a picnic.

If the weather allowed, they celebrated their professional Day in nature, among forest beauties, touched by the colorful colors of the autumn of the Russian middle band.
Most of the women worked in their institutions, so the two men who worked among them were very helpful.
They lit the brazier and uncorked the bottle with light wine.
When drunken matrons shook the song, Elena Maksimovna stood up and, folding the flannelette blanket, on which she had previously been sitting in a circle of colleagues, said: – I am on the river.
Who is with me? – I! – Valentina Pavlovna jumped: – I am with you.
If I may? Valentina Pavlovna from the first minutes of work in this institution liked Elena Maximovna.

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was attracted by the gray hair of her short haircut, and the noble face honed by the natural selection of noble generations, and elegance in clothes.
The restraint and friendliness of an elderly lady in conversation bribed a young woman.
That’s why she wanted to keep her company.
No one else expressed a desire to descend to the bank of an already cold river.
They moved to a very decent distance and the songs of their colleagues, and bursts of laughter came to them already very muffled.
Having chosen a place on the grass, they laid down their blankets and sat down, turned their faces to the river.
The opposite shore, densely overgrown with ravines, through a light foggy mist, showed through with all the inconceivable colors that autumn is capable of.

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He steeply picked up and arched up against hills rolling down from the other bank.
Elena Maksimovna and Valentina Pavlovna were silent, fascinated by the view that lay before them, like a crunch behind their backs made them both turn around.
About twenty meters away and just above, a naked man stood on a sandy shelf.
The first desire of our lovers of nature was to rush away from the horror that gripped them.
But the man raised his hand, as if soothing.
His figure, illuminated by the side light of the sun rising above the forest, was highlighted like a statue of a Greek deity.
The relief muscles of the athlete moved, gliding in the light.
The man masturbated.
As if numb, our ladies in full eyes looked from the bottom up to the action unfolding in front of them.
The man also looked at them.
His full-amplitude hand made frictions on the trunk of a tense member.
The glossy, blood-filled head against the light seemed lilac.
The man was neat – testicles and pubis were clean shaved.
From the changed facial expressions and convulsive tilt, it was felt that the orgasm was approaching.
Having made several chained steps down to the women, the man suddenly froze, and our ladies saw the magic of sperm elimination.
Her jet, flying with a meter, with a soft rustling hit the sand between her friends and a man.
The women were silent, fascinated by what was happening, and, despite the cool autumn air, it seemed that everyone was hot.
Much later, discussing this incident among themselves, the women assured themselves that the man, before turning and leaving, made a slight bow of gratitude towards them.
(True, I, as an author, think that they just really wanted him to accept them as grateful spectators).
They watched him as he walked up the slope in a measured walk and, on one of the countless sandy shelves, picked up something similar to a bundle (probably clothing) and, continuing his turn, disappeared behind the trees.
– Oh my God! “You and I saw Apollo,” Elena Maksimovna whispered: “Forgive me, but I cannot miss this moment.”
If you do not hesitate to see how an elderly woman masturbates, then stay close.
I will be pleased.
And Elena Maksimovna, resolutely turning over on her back and unbuttoning the zipper, lowered her trousers to her knees.
Without taking off her silky snow-white panties, tailored according to the old fashion, she began to stroke her pubis and smash her fingers at the pubic joint, where the clitoris was.
Valentina Pavlovna, completely lost, did not know how to behave in this situation. Sex and the city season 6 episode 19 watch online.

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