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“And let us right now?” “With pleasure,” I replied.
Only you and Vikulya walk into the bathroom and she will explain everything to you.
I would like you to like it.

Loved it.
Ksyusha frowned her beautiful eyebrows, and Vika nodded her thanks, took her friend by the hand and dragged her along towards the bathroom.
Vika quickly left the bathroom and we embraced waiting for our girlfriend at the beloved fireplace.
“This is better than a new year,” Vika admitted, putting her head on my shoulder.
I did not answer.
I was too good.
What else can a man dream? I had the opportunity to get any sex and all for love, and without having to go to the side.
I silently kissed Vika and we waited on.
The fragrant and beautiful Xenia finally appeared in the room.
This time she didn’t even bother with a towel.
We immediately surrounded our girlfriend with care and attention, not forgetting to admire her beauty.
Having surrounded the girl from two sides, we gently and tenderly covered her body with kisses.
Ksyusha just melted from the abundance of attention from all sides.
She began moaning with pleasure, covering her eyes and slightly biting her lip.
We moved to the bed and continued to caress the girlfriend, languidly clinging to her from both sides.
When I realized that the girl was warming up one hundred percent, I began to knead her anus.

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Ksyusha at that moment continued to kiss Vika.
“It seems to me that someone here has been cunning, saying that I have not tried it in the ass,” I said with a smile.
– Well, I tried the toys.
But the real member did not go there, –

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Xenia said a little embarrassed and her mouth was immediately covered with Vika’s greedy lips.
I threw the girl’s legs higher and holding her hips with one hand, with the other hand I put the head of the penis exactly in the tight ring of the anus.
“The main thing is to relax and push me towards a little,” I said gently.
I carefully smeared and kneaded Ksenia’s ass with fingers and tongue.
– What is she still small, I once again admired.
My dick seemed just gigantic next to her ass.
I pressed a member of the anus and carefully watched as the head begins to fall inside.
My favorite moment! Careful, short jolts, I pushed the penis deeper.
Ksenia bit her lip and slightly wrinkled her forehead.
Her hands shook the sheets and squeezed them with slightly whitened fingers.
The muscle ring closed at the base of the head, and Xenia’s face immediately relaxed.
The thickest part was inside it.
– Aaaah, – the girl sweetly and quite exhaled and happily looked at me.
Vika at this moment gently and easily pulling the girl’s clitoris with one hand, and the other caressing her hard nipples on juicy boobs.
I grabbed Xenia’s slender legs more comfortably with both hands and leaned slightly on top.
Now it was more convenient to push deeper than I did.
Trying to feel every inch of her body from the inside.
Finally, I went in completely and felt the anus try to squeeze my dick at the base.
Class! Now move back.
Slowly, gently.
Ksenia breathed more often, rather looking at me and Vika.
Now it was possible to accelerate.
After a couple of minutes, my dick settled into the girl’s ass and I allowed myself to enjoy the process too. Sex com online.

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