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Alternately flopping into the water, they dived and frolicked, screaming and screaming, splashing into each other’s face.
Lera also wanted to swim in the pool, because she practically did not bathe this summer, after the spring cold from swimming in a night icy lake.
But she did not have not only a bathing suit, but also cowards.

Therefore, she could not afford to see herself naked to other men in front of her husband.
Justifying herself, Lera said that she would not bathe in this form, especially after a cold.
But the emerging professor was able to persuade her, explaining that the sauna and massage would cure all her illnesses, and he also added with a joke that she had a beautiful body, and she could become an ornament of this evening.
He had already struck him, but there are still a couple of influential people who could help your husband rise.
Lera smiled mysteriously, but did not answer.
Sensing the relaxation of the body and a surge of vigor, she undressed when the Finns exposed their bodies.
Do not hesitate to their huge breasts, they came to the pool.
These are flasks, Lera thought, walking with them, wearing a sheet that looked more like a thin bath towel.

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Having wrapped her breasts under her arms, she was barely enough to hide her ass.

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And now flopping in the cool water, she wondered what this Viking had in mind.
Sleep with them, but I haven’t seen a single worthy one, whoever was just disgusting to me, but not in life, is a family of old freaks.
And how can I change my husband.
O Romka, what if he comes out soon and sees me like this, then I will precisely otberebu in full.
Lera hurried out of the pool, afraid to appear naked in front of men of high society.
She was wrapped in a sheet, she showed to all blondes that she was very cold.
And the trio went to the sauna.
Inhaling hot air, Lera immediately felt some kind of relaxation of the body.
She unfolded the bed sheet, and put it on the second tier of wooden decking, realizing that they were alone here. Before they could sit down, the blondes began to touch her body, and to argue about something between themselves, smiling at the same time.
Feeling their breasts, they looked under their lower folds, muttered something, but Lera could only make out the word “Silicone.”
“Know Silicone,” Lera replied.
And they together began to nod her compliments.
Their hands, like snakes, wandered over the naked body of a Russian woman.
Feeling the berries, the Finns moved to the opposite part.
Gently sweeping the pubis, one of them began to gently probe each centimeter of fat in the area of ??the upper fornix of the labia.
Then the palm pushed between the thighs and took the swollen lips of her pie.
With a gesture of a hand, they asked for their legs to spread, and Lera, not understanding what they wanted, anyway gave way. Sex on the beach caught on camera.

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