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Andrei saw the statement of Pavel lying on his desk, and the thought immediately pierced him: “That’s a little bastard, I have already decided everything! Well, nothing, dear, now I will arrange you a conversation, so to speak, heart to heart! ”The call interrupted Paul’s sad thoughts.
At that moment, for some reason, he thought that now his life had almost returned to its former course, and he needed only to shove everything that had happened to him recently, as deep as possible into the chest of his memory and lock him.

His eyes turned glassy again, he picked up the receiver on the machine and brought it to his ear: “Yes, I am listening to you,” came the monotonous voice of the guy.
– Pavel, this is Anastasia, go to Andrei Vitalyevich, – the girl chirped loudly.

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The young man was silent.
– Pavel, are you listening to me? – again he heard the surprised voice of the secretary.
– Yes, yes, I’m already going.
As if the guy had a blast in his head: “What else does he want from me? Probably read my essay on “How I spent the weekend!”.
After all, you bastard, after that he still wants to tell me something ?! Maybe thanks for the fact that I myself decided to leave and saved him from the pangs of conscience? It’s not worth it, I will tell you everything myself! ”
Pavel walked very briskly, with anger, almost hatred for Andrey was clearly read in his eyes.
Even the secretary was a little shocked at the sight of the guy.
Door, click the automatic lock, handle and again: – Hello! Pavel remembered all his skills, the way he knew how to play!

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Andrew expected to see a guy rather crushed by fate than this cold block of ice, which haughtily measured him with a look that clearly showed contempt.
A calm, confident gait, one eyebrow arched, in the same manner the guy sat down in a chair, looked first at the window, and then steadily turned his head on such a seductive neck that Andrei again thought: “Good devil!”.
The guy’s look was sizzling, and the smile was sugary, stretched and so icy, that it was even strange, why didn’t he get frost on his lips ?! – Did you call me, Andrei Vladimirovich? – these words sounded as if the boy had done a great favor to a man for coming here.
The man immediately boiled from such arrogance.
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