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Do I trust him? Not until the end.
Trust to the end can not be anyone.
I don’t know anything about him.

Even the name may not be real.
And he knows my address and profession.
Do I want to meet him again? Yes.
Of course.
If he wants.
Will I search for other dating? Not.
I’m afraid.
Yes, I will.
But not with men, but with a couple.
On that rainy June evening, our “tiled-assembly department” (or simply ChMO) did not ripen for dinner: we were finishing the “current” repair in the summer cottage of one of the “cones” -commanders.
Our foreman, who was on duty in the kitchen, did not forget to leave the relying portion of “dry rations” to all those who were late, adding to it an unlimited amount of aromatic and strong tea.
We burst into the barracks, barely moving our legs from fatigue and the mud stuck to our boots.
There was no strength to do something, but during bad weather, there was no mood at all – rather, it would have been a retreat! However, it was necessary to put in order the clothes soaked through so that in the morning, before building, all that was left was to hem the buttress and kick the boots with badge: The usual “Hang up!” Sounded. – and in a minute or two the whole barracks plunged into sweet soldier dreams.

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In the middle of the night, when I felt that someone next to me, on the next bed, was breathing rapidly, puffing almost deafly into my ear, I woke up.
Sibling could not really understand anything, and the predawn gloom did not give the opportunity to see the neighbor snorer.
But I recalled how, before the very end, the foreman warned the orderly and duty officer: at night several recruits should arrive – and they should be placed on free berths, without making a fuss.
So, it turns out, my neighbor – and there is one of these “salazhat”? Rolling over, I pretended to continue to sleep.
And I decided to myself: in the morning I will certainly find out – who was put to such a poo-poo near me, an “old man”? What is this even a present for a demob ?! But now I wanted only one thing: as if inadvertently not to frighten my neighbor, not to let him know that I noticed him (and, what to hide, I even became interested in him).
The boy was absolutely young and, most likely, inexperienced – it seemed to me.
But I was wrong in my calculations.
After some time I turned, and we were again face to face, although we still could not

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see each other.
The neighbor (apparently, intuitively) caught me waking up, but also did not show my mind, continuing to sniff at all shoulder blades.
A few moments later, he uncertainly put his hand on my open shoulder and suddenly began to gently stroke, barely touching the skin with his fingertips! His warm tender palm timidly and smoothly fell lower and lower — first on the back and side, and then, not meeting with the slightest resistance on my part, crawled along the waist. Sexy plus size model pics.

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