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After 15 minutes, they returned, announcing the appearance of the second round.
one lay on my back, putting my stomach to me, I began to move and sat down, felt a member, and began to enter, but the second I was cut off grabbed my hands from behind, and the one that sent my monster from the bottom into my ass.

terrible but only for the first seconds, he pushed through him further and already felt him inside, then the second, who was behind me spreading my buttocks with his hands, I understood what was happening now, but could not do anything, he began to force my cock into the ass, tearing it , and now the two were inside, I screamed, I begged to take it out, but they began to tear me up at a breakneck pace, that I had the power to plant at me, I disconnected for a moment, or maybe more, waking up from a hot jet that hit me in the stomach from the inside, they finished at the same time.
for six hours more, I took turns in the bathroom, on the table, on the floor.

then everyone fell asleep, after three hours I woke up, my whole body ached, I realized that I could not even sit down, carefully got out of the apartment and went home, I never saw them again.

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My name is Lena.
I recently had a chance to smoke in a men’s room, and I remembered a long-standing story that happened to me when I was still studying at the institute.
Then I was 18 years old, ended the first course.
She looked like a dyed blonde with hair up to the shoulders, slim.
I met at that time with a boy who knocked me a virgin.
He did not smoke and did not give me a bastard.
Because I smoked in secret, because I like to smoke 🙂 I stayed after the steam to hand over the debt and then went home.
Passing by the men’s room, I, of course, smelled the smell of tobacco smoke.
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