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Hysterical, she was terrible, guarding him at home, blackmailed.
She brought her husband to a nervous breakdown, and he confessed everything to me.
I silently packed my bags, and he knelt in front of me, wept and kissed my feet, asking for forgiveness.

As a child, honestly.
And I have such anger on him, you have no idea: I think, just would not kill.
And then he is still in my legs poked, poked.
And I unexpectedly fell for myself, and somehow I did it strangely: I grabbed the belt, bent Sanya with cancer (and he was in a dressing gown, without panties), pulled up the hem of his dressing gown and began to smack on a bare ass, pronouncing him like a naughty boy. “I’ll show you how to fuck with all whores!”.
And stuff like that.
Suddenly, I look – he fell silent, hugged and stroked my legs, and his cock sticks out with his cock.
Then my anger began to pass (I did it decently otlupila – all ass red), there was some kind of sexual courage – I began to enjoy the fact that I humiliate my husband, and he not only does not resist, but also meekly encourages My actions.
I continued to pretend that I did not notice his excitement, and I called him with more and more dirty words, and his member became stronger and stronger.
And then I grabbed an empty beer bottle, which was standing on the floor and put its neck in his ass: “Here you are, fucking dick, now I will fuck you myself, you will forget why you need your dick!”
I looked, and he began to moan: “Yes, yes.
I think this is what, it turns out, was not enough, but I wanted to please him all the fool, but he needed something completely different. Teens squirt on cam.

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