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The fool sat facing the huge mirror panel, not noticing that all her tricks were perfectly visible to me.
Oh you profursetka overseas.
-Igor, and what women like you? she asked brazenly.

As if not obvious what.
Here I am, look.
“Different,” the husband purred, winked at me and gave Hilda a big hug.
“Hee-hee,” Hilda lowered herself coyly, sipping a cocktail of poisonous pink color through a straw, “we have an album of mine and Uly’s erotic photos, you will definitely have to look.
– Why not? – Igor finished his cocktail and sweetly stretched like a well-fed cat, – we look with pleasure.
Marish, do you want to see the album? “Marina, you will be interested,” Ula said and squeezed my hip.
– Nah, thanks, – I hardly forced myself to refuse, – you can look at the girls in three.

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Everything is clear, my sister-friends decided to earn an extra ball at the expense of my faithful.
I can hardly prevent them under the terms of our bet.
By washing or by crook, they will certainly do it.
It is better to relax and wait.
The Trinity took off and disappeared into the twilight of the corridor.
Hilda frantically wagged her plump hips, and Ula unequivocally stroked Igor’s buttock as she walked past him at the door that was kindly opened to them.
– Mmm.
– I.
– Mmm.
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mate, here it will not find.
Tale of easy love, or Tetrahedron There are years about which there is nothing to say, lived out of habit.

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On the contrary, there are times that are often remembered, although quite a few years have passed.
About one such time, past under the sign of the Tetrahedron, and I want to tell here.
We decided to go on a winter vacation.
Nothing particularly luxurious: the house in the forest was rented in advance.
Arrived before dark.
Wilderness, pine trees in the snow, as in the Christmas picture, even dogs do not bark.
Frost is strong, for these places the usual.
Quiet, windless.
The frozen rooms did not warm up for a long time, the fireplace was already flooded, the batteries were turned on, and everything was pulling on the floor with an icy draft, everything was not melting on the walls.
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