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Well? Will you try? “.
I nodded my head.
We got to his feet.

Serega quickly took off his pants and remained only in swimming trunks.
I saw very well how his panties were bulging.

Then he came up behind me and I almost immediately felt how his cock rested against me in the ass.
He took the edges of my shorts and slowly began to pull them down.
I stayed in shorts.
As I remember, it is dark blue with white elephants.
At that moment, even Sasha stopped laughing and became serious like Zhenya.
“- said Seryoga.
– “Yes, you already have!” I was very embarrassed and it seemed to turn red.
Then Serega with one movement of his hand let down my pants and me and I was left completely naked.
He touched my penis and gently took the head with two fingers.
At that time, my legs almost buckled under surprise and fear! I can imagine – commented Sasha.
– So right, he pulled off the coward and took you by the dick? Aha Well, you know, the village boys are decisive! – And expressively looked at Zhenka.
Zhenka just moved his chins to the side, but his face remained concentrated.

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He was completely absorbed in the story.
Vovka noticed this and winked at Sasha, with a glance at Zhenka.
Then he continued.
Seryoga began to stroke my pisyun, at first he just gently crushed it in his fingers.
My body began to spill.
don’t even know what to call it.
in general, pleasant sensations went all over the body.
Then, he started to bare my head a little.
Zhenya, to a tee, as I just did to you – Vova said and winked at Eugene. Then Seryga started to move the skin back more and more, until he bare his head completely.
He was pulling so hard that I was hurt, and I jerked back.
“Come on you: do not drift” – without stopping.
And have you never completely denounced her yourself? – could not resist Zhenya No, it seems.
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