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Get up with me! At that moment I did not know what he was going to do.
This thought did not even occur to me.
– I am not kidding! It’s not funny!! Get out !!! – Do not scream! Wake up your neighbors! He uttered it so harshly and rudely, with a grin that I immediately subsided.

I did not expect such a pressure.
He kept his arms and legs with me, leaving me no opportunity to move.
At that moment I realized that I could not change anything by shouting and rudeness.
I realized what was going on.
For me it was a real shock and large peas of tears rolled down my cheeks.
– Maxim, please do not.
I beg you.
I sobbed soberly.
But he did not pay any attention, but only with a sharp jerk he tore off my nightie.
I sobbed and begged him to stop.
– Son, I beg you, do not do it.
For heaven’s sake! In response, he only kissed my neck, and I felt his hot breath and the smell of alcohol.
I sobbed and whined.
All face was covered with tears.
My own son is going to rape me, and I can do nothing.
He abruptly turned me on his stomach.
I tried to escape and fight back, but all efforts were in vain.
He withdrew my legs with force, and tore off my panties.
I howled even harder.
– Shut up! He blurted out and hit me in the face.
All that I could – sob even stronger.
I heard him unbutton his fly and take off his pants.
His cock buried in my face.
Big, poured and sharply smelling.
– Suck! He said and once again poked a member in my face.
I did not open my mouth.
Then several times he sharply pulled my hair and tried to put a member in my mouth.
I accidentally sighed with my mouth and his cock immediately appeared in my throat.

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Having made several forward movements, I swallowed his penis a couple of times.
It turned out completely unexpected and unpleasant.
I recoiled back and took advantage of his weak grip.
He clearly did not expect this, but quickly responded and, with a single leap, threw me to the floor.
– Fuck, you calm down already! I hurt hurt the corner and lay on the floor crushed by him.
– Well, mom, you will not suck mean? I thought you would be more accommodating.
After all, you want it for a long time, right? – You went to the roof? You are drunk! Please wake up! I’m your mother, what are you doing ?! – Yes, you are my mother, but you are also a depraved bitch who masturbates for days.
Do you think I do not notice or understand? – This is not true! – Would you like to say that you do not dream all evening to fuck you properly? – Not! Just not you.
I beg you.
And my eyes again flooded with tears.
And he just grunted and spread my legs.
This moment I will remember

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for a very long time.
He leaned on me and abruptly entered my dry vagina with his elastic and smeared member with my saliva.
It was painful, I think he also did not feel anything pleasant.
I kept crying, and he repeatedly entered into me.
My son is raping me right now.
I did not know how to survive it, what to do and how to proceed.
Terrible feelings permeated me: humiliation, shame, immorality and inadmissibility of what he did to me.
But he was right that lately I have been thinking too much about sex, he occupied almost all of my head.
And here I am lying on the floor, and my son fucks me and for some reason immediately recall my childhood, when I was almost as old as he was and then I dreamed of having passionate sex with my father.
Thoughts about the past alienated me from reality.
I recalled those times when I masturbated while dreaming about sex with my dad.
(Erotic stories) And to some extent I began to understand the actions of my son.
Why did he do this to me and what was he thinking about when he did it.
In the end, I did not even resist, but only closed my eyes and imagined that I was only dreaming of all this.
In the meantime, Maxim pulled out a member and finished on me.
Drops of hot sperm spilled onto my back, everywhere there was a stupefying and pungent smell of his sweat and semen. Watch public sex private lives.

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