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There was one problem.
Where to get the car? With great reluctance, I had to call Andre.
An hour later in the park.

I prepared in full.
Hair braided in a volume braid so as not to interfere, very tight, black leather pants, a yellow T-shirt, a leather jacket with a zipper, and of course ankle boots.
Fresh and full of strength, I settled on the veranda, inside the park, not far from the hotel.
The sun was brightly reflected in the rich colors of the forgotten summer.
The clear gray sky of the capital, reminded of the seriousness of each decision and choice.
Strong coffee pleasantly warmed my aching body inside.
I, under the influence of alcohol and hormones that raged in me from Alex’s caresses, did not notice the force with which he squeezed my body.
Even a little bruises and shone from top to toe.
All my thoughts disappeared, along with the smoke of a cigarette when Andre loomed on the horizon.
He was as always beautiful and dressed in the latest fashion.
His languid eyes hid glasses-drops.
– Good morning, Vic.
You are good today as never before.
– Thank you, but you know, not for you, – summed up, offering a cigarette, – smoke? – Maybe we still talk? – Of course, let’s talk about work.

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“Are you all mad at me, baby?” – broke into a radiant smile.
– I will not discuss it now, I have other plans for today! And in general, what happens to you.
Do you have any thoughts about work? – And when will I appear in your plans? – he thoughtfully looked somewhere afar, – decided to take part in races? – Yes, but our almighty Chris, will be only on Wednesday.
Any suggestions? – On the outskirts of the city, there

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is one garage, they say, everything is there.
But consider the amount of such children, transcendental.
Such painstaking work is not for free.
And then, if will be sold.
– I do not need to buy it, I need a car for the evening! – Which owner in his right mind would give it to you, on the eve of such an event? – If only.
– I was looking for at least some way out.
“Unless you take a prize,” Andre underscored.
– Hmm.
– Is it worth trying so hard? – he pulled out his cigars, and sighed heavily, continued, – Your Orlov, will have you twice, in races and after.
You want him to play by your rules, but he has absolutely everything in this life and everyone plays it according to his.
– But.
“You don’t have time to come round, as he and his boyfriends will fight you until you turn off.”
And long after.
Your farewell to him in the club, like a red flap in front of a bull.
If you still do not understand.
– How to be? How to be? – I presented with horror a picture of the near future, nausea rolled up to my throat.
– You got involved in an adventure, without having calculated neither a step forward nor a step back. Webcam model anal.

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