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Knowing how well her daughter is now, Sveta offered her guest to fuck herself right in the kitchen, standing up with cancer at the table, putting on her robe and giving her luxurious ass.
As a result, sex got everything and you could safely complete this day.
In fact, the whole family looked forward with excitement and excitement when the big meeting in the sauna was planned.

Not only Dasha and her parents carefully prepared for this meeting, but their close friends too.
Together they shot a beautiful small sauna with a fireplace room, a large soft sofa, armchairs and other amenities for relaxation.

These men were already old lovers of Svetlana and were aware of all the relationships in her family, of course, new ones appeared, but they first had to gradually get acquainted with the order of things.
Approaching the Saturday evening, Sveta and her daughter began to dress up, cleanly shaved their pussies so that it was more pleasant to lick anyone who wanted to, and Zhenya was more comfortable with licking the sperm of the males, which he liked very much.

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Svetlana and Dasha got dressed as befits a real slut in such cases – high-heeled sandals, stockings, almost transparent panties.
They were ready to start in this form, but to get to the venue, I had to put on something else, although not for long – just a couple of kilometers by car and now they have to undress in the company of 10 men and also Zhenya, who is I decided to sacrifice my pleasure a little, taking a video camera with me.
But in general, his wife liked to see how heated males fuck his beloved wife and daughter in front of him.
Since everyone knew each other and met more than once, the meeting quickly turned to its main purpose, the gang-beng party.
While Zhenya was slowly drinking his favorite brandy, talking with family friends, both girls were already attached to the men on the opposite sofa and allowed themselves to be caress and kiss.
– Come on, boys, reach for everything!
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