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The people began to leave for dinner, who went to the local canteen, someone left, and Max and I stayed at work.
I got up, went for a smoke break, went to the toilet, washed and went to Max, gaining strength to talk.
He walked past his desk and stood by the window, spreading his legs, leaned his hands on the window sill and set the ass.

I looked out the open window and started talking, not looking in his direction.
– Max? How was your evening yesterday? Liked? – Yeah.
– he squeezed through the lips, sighing again repeated: – YES! – It is a pity time is not enough, and you were tired.
– This is yes, sorry that it happened.
– It’s okay, I understand everything, but I do not impose.
If you do not want, then we will not.
– No, I want, it just happened (I felt, as he said, how nervous he was).
– And what do you want? Max paused, rummaged around in his pockets, took out his keys and closed the office.
I turned around and saw how Max was standing, looking at me, with his hand holding the member under the pants.
He was serious, not smiling, panting.
With my hands I stroked myself, my ass, chest, slowly walking towards it.
In his eyes I saw only the desire, the desire to fuck someone.
– Nuuuu? What do you want? – I asked Max again, holding out a condom to him.

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– I want you.
– He whispered to me and sighed heavily.
– Oh yeah! Yeah, Max! Take me! – I whispered to him, pulling off his jeans and panties.
Max unzipped his fly, and the top button of the trousers, pulled out his handsome and began to wear a condom.
I did not hesitate, licked my fingers, spat on them and smeared my hole with saliva.
Moving the pieces of paper with one hand to the side, I lay down on the table, spread my buttocks with my hands and: “Take me, take me!”, Whispered to him and twisted my booty.
Max came closer, immediately pressed his penis to my ass, stroked his head and began to enter.
After a second, his head was in me, and with a sharp movement the member entered completely.
I just screamed a little, and squeezing my lips sweetly moaned, softly, in time with the beat of Max.
He bent lower over me, his hot breath burned my neck, his hands lay on the table next to me, and the member went deep into my ass, hitting my balls with testicles.
“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Take me, fuck! ”I whispered to him, softly, so that he could hear.
He was so excited, His movements shook my body and table, moved with me.
“Yeah, yeah! Stronger! Stronger ”- I whispered to him through moans.
Max’s movements are getting stronger, his breathing has become faster, and he has become uneven.
Max’s hands hugged my neck, and climbed onto my face, his fingers penetrated my mouth, and so lifting my head up, thrust me even harder.
He began to move even faster yet! “MMM.
AAAHhhh ”I was already afraid that I would start moaning loudly, and then I felt how his cock pulsed in me with small fountains, filling the condom with sperm in me.
Max still made a couple of pushes, and the member fell, slipping out of my hole.
The condom remained in me, I strained my ass, so as not to lose a bit.
I was lying so blissful, legs gave

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