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She was a woman of about twenty-five, a slender blonde, constantly anxious about school performance and the behavior of her often rebellious husband.
For some reason she avoided my direct gaze, hiding her cherry eyes.
“Is she?”

She has an impeccable reputation.
How did she manage to decide on such a rash act? ”- the voice of a moralist spoke in me, not allowing female treason.
Maria Nikolaevna had a difficult fate.
She was one of those “draft horses” who were dragging a cart not only at work, but also at home.
She had no children, but how could they have come from a person who often peeks into a bottle?
He was the mustache, drinking alcohol at the fire and treated me.
Comparing all this, I realized that I was in a tent next to Masha, far from accident.
Her husband comfortably arranged my wife with a driver for the night in the cab, and his wife, taking advantage of this, changed mine.
After breakfast, the audience wandered through the woods.
Shishkari, climbing a huge cedar with the claws of a fitter, knocked cones with long sticks, and their wives collected them and carried them to the camp.
There, in a clearing, by the river, two solid matrons grinded them in a large galley meat grinder, without a net, the resulting mass was thrown onto a baking sheet, which was immersed in a river, and the whole husk immediately surfaced and was carried away, and the remaining nuts were thrown onto a tarp to dry .
By evening, dried nuts are poured into the bags.
“Everything ingenious is simple.

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This is only amateurs pulling bumps home, “- I thought, watching as Masha’s dexterous hands collect knocked cones.
I sat down next to me, picked up a couple of cones and handed it to her, looking intently into her alluring eyes.
Her hand trembled, she immediately turned her eyes to the side and blushed deeply.
May I have a moment, Masha? – I beckoned her to the side of the river.
The woman straightened and dutifully followed me.
We sat down on a log by the river.
I threw small pebbles into the water, and she looked askance at me, expecting the worst.
Why did you do it, Masha? – I took her hand.
She did not take her away, but only bowed her head low, shrugging her shoulders, as schoolgirls who had not learned the lesson do.
Did you feel good with me? Yes, she whispered.
And how did you know where I would sleep? You told your wife that you would lie down against the wall.
But she was supposed to lie there.
But she left afterwards.
I saw where she went to sleep.
How long have they got it? I do not know.
They say that a long time.
I was very good with you too, Masha.
If you do not mind, then we can continue our meetings, although this is contrary to the laws of taiga.
Masha’s eyes were cheerful.
She looked at me with tenderness, and I saw on her eyelashes two glistening tears, resembling droplets of dew glistening on the grass from the morning sun.
Do not worry, Masha.
Life is Beautiful.
It is only necessary to be able to notice its beauty.
And above the nose, teacher! Do not be sad.
All life is ahead, – he quietly sang the words from a famous song.
Masha went to her cones, and I continued to throw pebbles into

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the river.
On the soul it became light and joyful.
And I understood why.
I and Masha had a bright hope for something big and happy, which had become the secret of Tiger Valley.
Edward Zaitsev.
The winter was not snowy.
Drifts that were left uncleaned after an early snowfall settled down for a long time, were soaked with soot and lay along the roads with a low wretched curb.
The wind, without ceasing, drove away random snowflakes and lashed the faces of passersby with sand and frozen ground. Young girl huge boobs cam.

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