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I was hurt a little, I was ashamed and everything happened so quickly that I did not have time to feel all this until the end.
When Volodya felt my blood on his fingers, he kissed me, spoke all sorts of stupid words to me, but he wisely refused to try to use his marital right that night again.
For three or four weeks I did not feel much pleasure, considering that it was just necessary.
I made my nest, made various purchases, was proud of my position as a married woman among fellow students and in general was happy with my family life.

But gradually I began to enjoy visiting the “friend” of my “house”.
“Friend at home”, we began to call it that, although for the sake of sensation, sometimes things were called by their proper names, but this came later and almost all the words Volodya taught me.
He really liked when I asked directly what I wanted.
At first I just lay under Volodya, but gradually with his help I mastered other poses.
I especially liked to lay my back on the high cushion of the sofa, Volodya was standing on the floor in front of me and holding my legs, giving them different positions.
At some moments I was a little pained by the deep immersion of his head in me.
, but it was a sweet pain, I tolerated it and sometimes even deliberately did it in order to feel it.
True, I didn’t understand some of Volodya’s desires; I didn’t understand them.
So, I was ashamed to do this in the light and in general in the light to appear naked in front of Volodya.
I did not understand the desire he had to kiss mine.
I always covered her, putting her hands under the kiss.
Now, having become somewhat more experienced in these matters, I understand why Volodya remained dissatisfied.
He obviously counted on affection, and I did not understand this, and he did not dare to ask for it.

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I was brought up in this regard in very strict rules and could not even think at that time that there could be some other ways to satisfy the passion between a man and a woman, besides the usual introduction of a “friend” into the “house”.
In general, she was a naive fool, in which my life very quickly and enlightened me.
I did not understand Volodya’s desire to self-photograph during our “visits”.
He brought several photographs for similar subjects, but I did not believe that the image in the photographs could bring pleasure and enjoyment to a man or a woman.
She thought that she purposely posed to excite the feelings of those who would consider it.
Volodya even became interested in collecting such cards, photographs.
He sometimes looked at them, after which he was very excited and tried to quickly drive me to bed.
I was more comfortable with feeling in my own at that time.
of her husband, rather than being treated like others.
Obviously, Volodya fully satisfied me at the time, as a woman.
I was “full” and when I had a desire to feel the movement in him.
, he always went to meet and even in abundance.
We didn’t want to have children before graduating from me, and therefore were sometimes protected with a rubber band, and sometimes, when Volodya and I got tired of it, we just interrupted everything at the very last second, so that the seed remained on the sheets or on my hips and legs. here is
Volodya wiped him with his or my panties and they were often quite stained.
When Volodya interrupted prematurely, I always felt sorry for him, t.
he did not enjoy it to the end.
And at that time I did not know how to help him.
But it was quite simple just I learned this later.
After passing the state exams, I had to leave for externship.
Having warmly said goodbye to Volodya, at that time he was just about to leave somewhere

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, I went to the station, where the headman of the group was to meet us with tickets.
To great joy, he took out the tickets only the next day, and we went home with the whole group.
Knowing that Volodya was not at home, I opened the door with my key and entered the corridor.
Volodya and I had an isolated studio apartment.
I put down the suitcase and began to take off my coat, and suddenly heard Volodya’s voice.
Wanting to please him, that fate gave us the opportunity to spend another day together, I quickly entered the room and.
Across the couch, completely naked, lay on the back of the secretary of our rector Raika. Asian webcam boobs.

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