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I think no.
Love is stronger than even fear and death.
So do not worry.

“” Are you sure of your feelings for me? “” 100%! “- Olga Sergeevna confidently answered.
“Have you loved before?” “Yes.
I loved my husband until he went to the other.
But this does not mean that I hated men.
I am also pleased to communicate with some of them.
Yes, and sex with a man woman is still needed.
“” Do you think so? “” Sure.
I can not live without a man for a long time.
Maximum of two months.
And then climb the wall.
“- Olga Sergeyevna grinned.
with women.
“- Nastya did not dare to finish her question.
“Have I slept with women? Yes, of course, more than once.
Well, not as often as with men, but regularly.
“” Do you like it? “” So, let’s agree that from now on you call me one to YOU.

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This is the first.
The second.
You must learn to call a spade a spade.
If you fuck, so fuck.
Suck so suck.
You can use more rude expressions for one with me.
I’m fine with this.
Yes, it’s easier.
“- explained Olga Sergeyevna.
“How about you?
call you? “” Publicly, only by name patronymic.
On one – as you want.
Beloved, sweet, sweet.
As you want.
During sex, you can call me even a bitch, even a slut, it turns me on! “- explained the woman.
“Can I call by name? Olenka, Olya?” Nastya asked more confidently.
“Of course!” “And when the servant?” “I said, in public, only in YOU and by name of patronymic.
“- affirmative tone announced Olga.
“I understand.
““ Are these frames not jarring you? ”Olga asked with a smile.
“No, that you! I’m ready to always call you by name and on YOU.
“- realized Nastya.
“No, this is superfluous.

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But I will not allow anyone to reduce my status, even to my beloved.
For the fault will be punished.
“- Olga added jokingly.
“How?” – with fear in her eyes asked Nastya.
“You’ll see.
But it does not hurt, I assure you.
“The water is already quite cold.
Olga put her hand in the water.
“Get out, go under a hot shower.
Not enough yet to get sick.
You know that women can not be stuck.
“Olga demanded.
Olga got up from the side of the jacuzzi and helped Nastya up.
Water ran down her slender and beautiful body.
“You are so Beautiful!” – Olga said stroking Nastya on the shoulders, back and put her hand on the buttock.
Nastya shrank slightly, trying to close her hands.
“You, what, durekha?
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