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Come on, don’t be shy! – Ira smiled sarcastically. – You were specially wrapped between your legs in a thick gauze diaper.
The eight-year-old boy stiffened up with all his might, trying to endure the agonizing urge to crap.
You used to – before you came to our clinic – willingly used diapers.

Appointment, – the girl continued with the same mocking smile, – And now what has changed? I understand that gauze diapers are not as comfortable as imported diapers, but the purpose of all diapers is exactly the same.
Kohl offendedly pursed his lips.
What sulked? – smiled Ira – Do you consider yourself big? Big children do not wet pants.
Ira mockingly looked at the boy.
Now you put a bunch on your diaper, ”she said,“ Just like any baby. Big boobs cam show.

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