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Vadik said that when I agree, I will write to him, and he will tell where to drive when I want, but not before 10 pm.
After thinking for a couple of days, a new face will still appear, I sat at home sending a message, after waiting an hour I received a message with an address, and after dressing I went to the place.
There was a private sector around, I was driving on a navigator, I didn’t know this place, and when I drove on, I saw 7 two-storey apartment buildings, and drove up to the house, I had an abandoned 5-storey building in front of it, these houses were in front of it, and then vacant lot, to the right is a swamp, to the right is the private sector, I sent again a message that I was in place, he immediately replied that I would close the car and go to the construction site, and said that I would look for the box, say where to look.

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Coming out of the car and closing it, I climbed on it, banks and syringes were lying around, then condoms were used, part of the construction of one floor was black with soot, in the end I found a box that was well hidden.
Opening it, I saw a bundle and a note on it, it was written in it that I would put it all on, leaving all my belongings and keys, and went out to a car that would arrive soon, opening the bundle, I saw how Sandals were on a high platform 10- tee-centimeter, and with a heel in 21 black with a red sole, I put them on the floor, and saw a transparent short dress, with stockings, liked the idea, I said to myself that I am brave and can dress in this in an unfamiliar place, I took off wearing my own clothes, stockings, dress, and shoes, put everything in the box except cigarettes lighter, fire on the case, turn off the phone that would not have rang and who have not found.

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Glancing at the terrain, waiting for the car to come, I smoked.
after 15 minutes, a car arrived, and it signaled, I quietly got out and walked over to the car, a 45-year-old man sat inside, he said to sit down, and when I sat down he gave me a mask, saying that I would wear it when I put it on, we drove and drove for quite a long time, in the end, after reaching, he said that he would not take it off, went out himself, and took my hand, led, we went down the steps, then stopped and he opened the door, started me up, and closing the door, took off I was masked, I saw bare walls, a bed with pads, and on one side, the Andrew’s Cross was nailed to the wall was bondage A gallows, on the other is a table with cabinets, on which a mirror stood, sex toys lay, which were not small in size, a tripod with a camera was in front of me, there was a toilet in the corner, everything was in red and black tones, the only thing I did not see so it is not a single window, they were not there, just a concrete floor with walls and bdsm furniture.

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