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Every girl at least once did not wear underwear, leaving the house, and some even like it, feel a bit like a slut.
I liked it after I was ordered to do it, and the source of this pleasure was the Lady and her servant Paul, my beloved.
Therefore, my thoughts always returned to the orders of the lady and the image of Paul, when I was walking down the street, feeling the nakedness of my thighs, buttocks, pubis, and the frank accessibility of the vagina and anus.

And this was a deep meaning.
Pavel always, as soon as he was alone with the Mistress or someone from her environment, exposed himself by showing his member.
This was a must especially with Madam’s girlfriends.
In her opinion, the slave thereby expressed confidence and respect for the Lady.
After all, this intimate place of a slave absolutely belonged to her and by this he confirmed his humility.
And it was invented earlier.
After reading some literature, I was surprised to find almost the same rules in some rituals and social rules of the ancient civilizations of the East, where slavery was a social norm.
In my case, as the Lady explained, my declaration of love imposes great obligations on me and a constant feeling of nudity and accessibility will be the equivalent of my respect for her and the desire of her slave.
And she checked it out.
Upon leaving the house or returning, she met me for a whole week and I, standing in the stairwell, quickly raised my skirt to check my nudity and clean shaven pubis.
The action itself is simple and uncomplicated, but every time a wave of excitement ran through the whole body.
Then Paul himself did it, which caused even more feelings.
He did this with words – I love you, but the Lady inserted remarks and did not forget to tell me the words whore or whore.

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And yet the words of the Lady touched me when she was evaluating my body, even though I hadn’t seen her rival for Paul’s love, but she’s a woman and my boyfriend has some sex with her, but not love.
When Paul spoke in his words far from flattering about my body, it absolutely did not offend me, but only increased emotions and desires.
The second half of the day took place almost in one breath.
Having come to the Lady, I was completely exposed in front of her.
My vagina and anus were filled with phallus jams and every three days they became thicker and longer.
And the first day after resizing was painful especially for priests.
After all, after that I started doing things about her house, dishes, washing the floor.
To constantly move, to feel a constant and almost maximum fullness at the bottom was difficult.
For a couple of days I got used to new sizes, but on the

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third day my gags increased and all the sensations returned.
Their movement while moving inside me excited me greatly, but on the first day the pain of stretching suppressed this arousal, but it was on these days.
Mistress attracted Paul to herself and this drowned out the soreness of the new size of my holes.
When I was bustling in the kitchen, a feeling of jealousy arose in my soul, knowing that now my boyfriend was on his knees and his lips, his tongue caressing the bosom of the Lady, bringing her to orgasm.
I already understood my boyfriend’s abilities.
Mrs. twice allowed us oral sex with her and Paul’s mouth did the incredible, bringing me to repeated orgasm.
It seemed to me that he did not miss any of the folds of my labia and went deeper, literally cleaning out all the moisture of my excitement with my mouth, and in turn, with animal pleasure, I sucked his flax, trying to swallow him as much as I could, and frantically pulled out every last drop of sperm.
Then Mrs. showed me in the mirror my reflection, paying attention to my swollen from such sucking lips, saying that soon they will always look that way.
As it is not strange from the outside, it was Paul who began to teach me how to satisfy the Lady.
He told me the subtleties of the movement of the lips and tongue, how and on which places of the vagina it is necessary to influence in order to deliver maximum pleasure.
The first such lessons were like in my half-conscious state.
I am not a lesbian, but here it is the Lady’s vagina and I caress it with my mouth and do it carefully as I am taught.
My emotions overwhelmed me and began to understand what it was to Paul, who by the order of the Lady satisfied the men submissively letting their members into themselves. Bongacams oksiss.

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