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It was not difficult to guess from the characteristic moans of what they were doing there.
My friend, Tolik, only came from the army then, and everything that happened was wildly aroused.
An hour later, he complained to me that he had wild eggs, and that if he didn’t fuck anyone now, then the end.

The search for the victim began.
The conversations were short, but specific.
Soon all the female gender knew what Tolik urgently wanted.
Only he was not lucky.
Each was peretrakhan at least a couple of times, and all the girls from Tolik just shied away.
He was already whimpering, he was already shouting out loud that his eggs hurt and that he had to be given urgently (for some reason, it wasn’t about suction).
I tried to sympathize with him, but my eggs didn’t hurt.
I did not serve in the army, did not come out of it, and had regular sex.
I myself felt sorry for the girl that Tolik forcibly dragged into the bedroom.
She resisted and screamed, honestly admitting that she had rubbed everything and it hurt her already, but Tolik did not let up.
It smelled of rape and everyone had to intervene.
2 o’clock in the morning, Tolyan and I are prem in the night city in my decrepit penny.
A guy is running along the empty road.
We turned around, looked at each other, trying to see in the eyes the answer “where does the comrade run?”.
A moment

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– still a guy.
Two guys are running through the city at night.
Where? Another moment a girl.
Tolik yells: – brake! I brake.
In the backseat, the damsel, panting and all in tears, flops and begs for faster leave.

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I immediately get under way.
15 minutes we listen to a tantrum, about guys, about giving, about mother and t.
In general, as it turned out, two of those athletes at once wanted to fuck a girl tightly in the country.
Shreds clarified where the girlfriend lives and how he automatically offered to drink.
To our surprise, Galya, that was the name of the girl, said that she didn’t want to go home, and with pleasure she wanted to drink! Even a sob was replaced by a reviving voice with intelligible phrases.
Tolik ordered: – to the market! Only there at night in those days could I get alcohol.
I was not about 7 minutes, maybe 8.
I come back, and Tolik shoves his decent penis with a puffy dark blue head in our passenger’s mouth.
I was embarrassed – did not expect.
He offered only to go to the outskirts.
I taxied and pondered the behavior of Gali.
If she doesn’t mind splashing right away, then what then did the guys run from? Or are we much more attractive and charming? I braked, Tolia asked me to go out.
I squatted in five meters and thought about Galina’s actions (do all the chicks like that: should you charm and grind as much as you like?), Then about the creaking of shock absorbers and suspensions in old Zhiguli.
After a couple of minutes, my cock began to moan of desire.
For the first time I was an eyewitness, or rather, a pornographic hearing aid.
I imagined how Tolik ruled her, how she rolled her eyes, how her lips moved.
The car went shaking.
And then Galya began to shout: “Oh! What a big one! Yes! What a big one! Yes! I saw this, or rather heard it, only in porn.
That is temperament! I have already flashed the thought of masturbation.
I wanted.
I really wanted to defuse.
I could no longer tolerate! Just a couple of minutes and would have reached up with his pants.
Through the pants, I already naminal member.
Galya moaned, the car creaked.
It is night outside, warm and light breeze.
I’ll finish now.
Unable to stand, I opened the back door.
It smelled of sweat and sperm, but somehow it was no longer perceived.
Shreds hung on Pebbles and did not twitch.
– Get down, let me! “I’m not all,” the friend moaned.
– I can not do it anymore! – I retorted to him.
Tolya probably got tired, vodka helped, so obediently tears, and, holding his pants, got out of the car.
I said: – I want, Gal. Bongacams venera07 chat bongacams show 2018.

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