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How can you refuse a child in such a request! – Masha laughed, taking a bag with wet baby wipes out of her pocket.
Andrew got up from the pot and Masha, bending the boy forward, began to diligently wipe his ass.
Nearby the interns watched with interest the actions of the nurse.

Probably you can already plant the rest, ”Ksyusha said, looking at her watch.
Come on, Masha nodded.
Quickly got out from under the beds pots! – ordered Ksyush’s children, – Sit down only at my command! After waiting for all the children to reach their pots, Ksyusha pulled a stopwatch from her pocket.
You can sit down! – She said, – You have everything, as usual, two minutes.
Time has gone.
Exhausted waiting boys plopped down on the pots. Brother and sister sex webcam really.

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