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Sveta and I are on the sofa, our friend is on the floor.
One night, we had light sex.
Our friend peacefully snuffled on the floor, and we fucked on the couch.

And I realized that this situation, when we are not alone, excites the Light, it just flowed and put my dick in my ass, which I had never done before and did not allow me.
I pecked her in the ass and at one of the moments she turned her face to me and said: – I am such a fuck! I do not know why, but we went with her to the toilet and finished there, and she put a member in his ass and I saw that she liked it.
Life went on.
We registered our relationship and became a legitimate husband and wife.
Svetlana bore us a daughter! My feelings for her only got stronger, and with the birth of my daughter, I completely fell in love with her like a madman.

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I finished my studies and at the invitation we moved from the city to one of the districts of the region.
And then something inexplicable happened to me.
I began to get drunk, to fuck with the village girls, and stopped paying attention to the Light.
Our relations with Sveta began to roll to hell.
One winter, Sveta left for the session, she stayed in the apartment with her friends, the child was in charge.
I, having missed my wife, went to see her.
I want to note that we always drank with her.
Not that we are alcoholics, but we like to drink beer together.
So at that time, I came to her in the city, took a beer and we got drunk decently.
Sveta’s girlfriends went to sleep in the room, and Sveta and I were laid up in the kitchen.
We had sex with her, but because of drunk, I could not finish.

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Having stopped this useless occupation, we poured another glass of beer and started a simple family conversation in the dark.
But here, something struck me in the head and I decided to ask about her sex without me.
And she began to answer me.
She didn’t tell me anything new, but I insistently asked if she had cheated on me.
And then something happened that was a turning point in our relationship.
She confessed to me that once, when I was leaving for my parents, and she was working as a waitress in a cafe, she was taken by a cafe visitor !!! I have demolished the tower !!! MY WIFE HAS CHANGED ME! I dreamed so much about it, but what it really was didn’t fit in my head.
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