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What is it? – cried the hostess.
Vaska helplessly shook his head and hoarsely replied: – Fallen.
– With the horses fell.

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explained the policeman.
– Fell, and – it means that the leg is under his wheel! Grunt.
so ready! The girls were silent, but their eyes were burning like embers.
Vaska was brought upstairs to his room, laid on a bed and sent for a doctor.
The girls, standing in front of the bed, exchanged glances with each other, but did not say a word.
– Get out! – Vaska told them.
None of them drove off.
– BUT! Rejoice !.
– Do not cry.
– Lida answered, smiling.
– Mistress! Throw them away.
What they.
have come! Are you afraid? – Lida asked, leaning toward him.
– Go, girls, go down.
– the mistress ordered.
They went.
But as they left, each of them looked at him ominously – and Lida said softly: “We will come!” Aksinya, shook his fist at him, shouted: – O, devil! What – broke? Serves you right.
The girls were very astonished by her courage.
And below, they were seized with the delight of gloating, a vengeful delight, the sharp sweetness of which they had not yet experienced.
Raging for joy, they mocked Vaska, frightening the hostess with their violent mood and infecting her a little bit.
And she, too, was glad to see Vaska punished with fate; he and her Solon was treating her not as an employee, but rather as a boss with a subordinate.

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But she knew that without him she could not keep her girls in obedience, and showed her feelings for Vaska carefully.
He pppehl doctor, put bandages, prescribed prescriptions and left, telling the owner that it would be better to send Vaska to the hospital.
– Girls! Well, nanestnm or something sick, our darling? – Ukharski cried Lida.
And they all rushed upstairs with laughter and shouts.
Vaska lay, closing his eyes, and, without opening them, said: “You came again.”
– Tea, we feel sorry for you, Vasil Mkronich.
Don’t we love you? – Remember how you are me.
They spoke quietly, but imposingly, and, surrounding his bed, looked into his gray face with evil and joyful eyes.
He also looked at them, and never before had his eyes expressed so much of a dissatisfied, insatiable famine — that incomprehensible famine that always shone in them.
– Girls.
look! I will get up.
– Or maybe God willing, you will not get up !.
– interrupted Lida.
Vaska squeezed his lips tightly and fell silent.
– Which leg hurts? – one of the girls asked tenderly, leaning towards him, – her face was pale and her teeth were grinned.
– This, or what? And, grabbing Vaska by the sore leg, she pulled her hard towards her.
Vaska snapped his teeth and growled.
His left hand was also broken, he waved his right hand and, wanting to hit the girl, hit his stomach.
A burst of laughter resounded around him.
– Girls! he roared, turning his eyes terribly.
– Watch out !.
I will kill !.
But they jumped on the bed of his bed and pinched, tore at his hair, spat in his face, pulled his sore leg.
Their eyes burned, they laughed, cursed, growled like dogs; their mockery of him became unspeakably ugly and cynical.
They fell into ecstasy of revenge, came to her madness.
All in white, half-dressed, flushed with a crush, they were terribly strange. Desi bhabhi sex chat online.

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