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They watched fashion magazines and films, discussed them, admiring their forms.
They wanted to meet these guys and maybe something else.
Three stops they drove alone in the compartment.

On the fourth came a large man, clearly Caucasian in appearance, about forty years old, with a strong pumped body and a little balding head of hair.
Entering the compartment, he said hello, threw things on the shelf and sat down next to the girls.
Noticing their curious glances, op introduced himself – David.
The girls introduced themselves too – Irina, Natalia.
An ordinary road conversation ensued.
Learning that the girls were going to rest to the south, he said that he, too, was going to work with friends to the south, and offered to introduce them.
He left the compartment and returned five minutes later with three men – also Caucasians.
Everybody got acquainted, they were called Khachim, Moussa and Zamir.
Have talked.
It was getting dark.
David suggested we go to the restaurant and wash the acquaintance.
The girls agreed.
They drank great in the restaurant, and when they got tired of sitting there, they returned to the compartment.
The coupe is already located next to each other those who liked more.
Obviously there are two pairs.
We decided.
That one pair will remain in this compartment, and the other will go to the next.

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Two men went to smoke in the vestibule.
Left alone with the men, both girls were immediately grabbed into a strong male embrace.
Temperamental Caucasian men did not allow even to catch their breath.
(They ottarabanili our girls in the train, that mother do not grieve! – approx.
) Events in both compartments developed about the same.
Strong male hands moved over the girl’s body roughly and cheekily.
Her breasts were crushed, thighs squeezed, paws crotch, tightly clutching her lips and clitoris.
Such an onslaught she did not know.
– So this is the southern temperament! she thought, not even trying to resist.
The man who pawed her was beautiful in body, and she liked it.
He then pinched her mouth with his, kissing her, then kissed her neck.
Then he tore off her clothes and fell on her with his whole body.
His hand fumbled the vagina, and the next second a big dick went inside with a sharp push.
She screamed in surprise, but almost immediately a wave of pleasant sensations covered her, and she began to help him.
The strength and intensity of the jolts increased, and the first orgasm overtook her.
She moaned sweetly.
The man got up, understood her, put on his knees and abruptly entered from behind.
The movements were completely different, but solo.
Sensations could not be compared with those experienced before.
If earlier there was just sex, now they just took it! They took strongly, brazenly as a female.
And, perhaps, an ancient instinct woke up in her, because she liked it very much.
Feel next to a strong and courageous man – this is the desire of any woman! She has never finished more than once — twice a love night — and then the orgasms rolled one after the other! He twirled her as he wanted! He took in all poses in which he wanted! She was very tired, and, seeing this, he said, “Rest, honey, and I will go smoke,”

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and left the compartment. Desi online sex mms.

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