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So, I once again went for some business on my car being in thought, when suddenly it dawned on me.
I remember that two months ago I had a girlfriend with whom we broke up because she stopped arranging me.
And I know that she loves me a lot and can agree to my strange fantasies.

Without thinking twice, I stopped abruptly and called her.
muttering that we need to meet and all that I threw up the phone.
I was tormented by doubts about how she would react to the statement that I was going to blurt out to her, but the risk was justified. And I decided to go to the end.
At the meeting, I explained to her that I broke up with her due to the fact that she was not very happy with me in sex, but if she corrected, then she has a chance to be with me.
After that there was a pause,

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she looked at me for a long time with a dazed look and then surprisingly asked me what was meant by this phrase.
For a moment it seemed to me that she had guessed what I was talking about.
Then I described to her, a plan for her correction.
I explained that I want something new and forbidden.
To begin with, we draw up an agreement with her about what she has to do, so that there are no mutual complaints if something does not work out and then it falls completely at my disposal as my personal toy.

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By the way I will describe a little girl.
Katya is a girl of about 22; she is of an ideal build with a chest size 3 and with beautiful dark hair, that girl is considered to be ideal for photo covers of sexy magazines.
So I told her that every evening she would meet me in a pose on all fours with a collar around her neck in white stockings and with a phallus in her ass to the end of which a cord would be attached replacing the dog’s tail and waiting for further instructions.
Then I told her about the duties that would be in my teeth to bring me sneakers, wash me, cook me, and in the evenings when I watch TV obediently like a dog to sleep nearby.
She will sleep on a rug and in the morning play the role of an alarm clock waking me up with a passionate blow job.
Then I explained to her that if she did not follow or poorly follow the instructions, she would be punished with sleep deprivation or standing on all fours, only on elbows on peas or in any other way that I wish, naturally without self-harm, but with unpleasant feelings and humiliation of her dignity.
Kate listened to my ardent speech with a lowered look for a minute, then she said that she agreed, because she loves me and will do everything to make me feel good.
I did not expect this at all, but did not give a look and made a haughty look.
From that moment Katya became my personal toy.
Now, a little about the first day of her stay at my place. I came home from work late before telling Kati to prepare myself, since I will be tired and I will not have time to scrape her ass and that only anal and oral sex awaits her today.
So, having entered the door, a bizarre picture opened to me. Katya was standing on all fours in her ass and there was a phallus in her sneaker mouth.
Taking sneakers, I spat on her ordering to carry dinner and saying that I am very hungry. Free adult webcam chat sites.

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